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« on: 22/03/2007 23:59:12 »
How long can a camel survive without water?


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« Reply #1 on: 23/03/2007 00:33:23 »
As a firm believer in empirical study I think this calls for a Naked Scientist sponsored field trip to Greenland
how may of "us" will go? and will we get to see santa?

Paul, why don't you ask a good question that needs a field trip to someplace warm?

Just for you, Colleen.

Yay!  Australia hooooooo!   
I guess they can't go too long. . .
Provoked by Drought, Wild camels attack:

 Mmmm and I can get some Tim Tams and Milo




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« Reply #2 on: 23/03/2007 00:42:48 »
There are animals capable of surviving without drinking water (simply by obtaining enough moisture from their food), but as far as I am aware a camel is not one of them.

All that a camel is capable of doing is dinking less frequently than many other animals, but when it does drink, it has to make up for lost time (i.e. it is capable of keeping larger stores of water than humans might - but ultimately the amount of water it has to drink in the long run is no less).