How are Gel Candles made?

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How are Gel Candles made?
« on: 23/03/2007 14:15:31 »
(Extract from newbielink: [nonactive])

Gel Type Candle: 

A candle where the primary fuel is a liquid such as mineral oil, terpene type chemicals, or modified hydrocarbons that are not mineral oil based which may or may not contain organic functional groups; it also contains a chemical agent to increase the viscosity (thicken) to a point where the candle has a quasi-rigid property.

(Extract from newbielink: [nonactive])

Does anyone know the answer to the following questions:

1.   What kind of ‘terpene type’ chemicals can be used to make Gel candles ?
2.   Is Turpentine a type of ‘terpene chemical’ ?
3.   What kind of ‘modified hydrocarbons’ (not mineral oil based) can be used to make Gel candles ?
4.   What are organic functional groups & which ones can be used in making Gel Candles ?


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