Cosmology, Perception, and the physics of Contemplation: Part B

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Continued Bohm-ian Dialog - Part B, (or 2 of 2)

Mentor (bold text): OK. More on thoughts... The brain, nerves, accupuncture system, and perceptual apparatus function like a patternable "antenna array" that typically has trained itself to "pick up" mainly thoughts consistent with our particular personality structure.

When one considers that the "thought-forms" these antennas resonate with pre-exist, are fundamentally impersonal and communal in nature, and are immanently blended into and throughout the physical world - the idea that thinking is "in here" and the World appears "out there" tends to break down somewhat.

Saner living, then, becomes a matter of "tuning in" to healthier thought-patterns associated with healthier contexts and groups of people. Alcoholics often have to learn to dissociate themselves from old drinking buddies without generating internal strife. Our "thought-antennas" function not only individually, but in group dynamics... sort of like the powerful "antenna arrays" used to strengthen and direct receptivity in radio broadcasting.

Apprentice (plain text): Where do "thoughts" come from, and how are they either "reinforced" or, alternatively, have their influence "undone"?
We craft "thought-forms" via our habitual patterns of speech and via our emotional reactivity to spoken words and non-verbal communications with our fellows. Thus negative thought-forms may be "disappeared" via non-reactive, compassionate listening... this accounts for the successes of psychotherapy in changing patterns of linked unhealthy perception and thought.

Amen to that... for the sake of comfort, could we tie this back into science and physics?

OK. Thoughts appear as a form of subtle energy with an as yet undetectable structure. Anyhow, in purely physical terms, a "disappearance" of varied forms of matter and energy - however subtle - and corresponding local variances of the "shape" of space-time would effectively account for the differentiation of objects and experience within our world...
We inhabit what seems a dynamic world, not a static solution to Einstein's Metric equations... and given the theoretical symmetry of our emergence from any Big-Bang "singularity," these differences seem explicable only in terms of a complex lessening in the "massiness" or "weightiness" of space-time, itself... both locally and, from collective interplay of micro-events, universally.

And a quantum forgiveness encouraging, in part, accepting responsibility for one's own experience, as well as dis-identification with ego-directed "thought-forms" accounts for such a "lessening" or lightening?

Yes, combined with an appropriate sense of humor and playfulness. Having fun appears quite integral to "lightening-up." Within any worldview that minimizes the role of subjectivity, such a "lightening-up" in the weightiness of the Cosmos would appear hard to account for... although the ego appears bound to encourage a continued thrust toward a de-spirited view of mankind.
The collective Universe, as a holographic superposition of our personal worlds, appears somewhat like a multi-faceted "soap-bubble." This would be analogous in the String-Theories of physics to a multi-dimensional "World-sheet," with particles appearing to interact causally as the surface of this "soap-bubble" undulates with the movements of "what lies beneath."
Within the surface of this "World-sheet," some "happenings" (or events) may, for reasons of practicality, illegitimately be called "causes" of other "events" - although this would appear to be like watching shadow play on a wall and trying to say "shadow A caused shadow B to do X,Y, and Z."  The fundamental difference appears as one of "shadow vs substance" - and even our unconscious motivations ain' "Real" in the sense of being Eternal... as the Universe opens up to the Light of Innocence, both consciousness and unconsciousness resolve into the Divine Awareness of Pure Being.

So... what does actually "lie beneath" the consciously percieved surface of the Cosmos, as you say - and where does the Unconscious come into play in this model of "things?"

You jus' answered your own question, basically. The Collective Unconscious appears as the enclosed volume existing inside the multi-dimensional Cosmic "soap-bubble"... or, synonymously, as related to the "surface tension" of the Universal "World-Sheet" of String-Theory.

And, although your awareness may appear temporarily constrained to "the surface of things," the Freudian vision of "liberating the Unconscious" (or slowly letting the air out of the balloon) still appears as a useful metaphor.

How does Freud mesh with Game Theory and Transactional Analysis... stuff like that?
Well, for the most part, the kinds of games people play involve attempts to expand personal "territory" within the surface of "the Cosmic bubble." Or, perhaps more concernedly, humans aim to negotiate time-binding exchanges where perceived burdens are shifted around from one set of shoulders to another throughout time and space... these exchanges appear arbitrated as agreements, commitments, contracts, and expectations (often unspoken), all such that individuals are promised a tolerable amount of experiential "energetic flow" breathing in and out of their personal worlds.

Mystics, conversely, seem able to contact a river of joy that flows "perpendicular" to the walls of what is conventionally recognized as "real..." Perhaps this requires having the boundaries of the personal-self appear more permeable, while maintaining awareness of our Brothers' and Sisters' own boundaries ...and, in effect, learning how to "surf" the wave of the Unconscious, delighting (particularly) in an appropriate lessening in the suffering of our fellows...
...and, perhaps even more joyfully, in witnessing the experience of what Buddha called Pravartti: "the turnabout in the deepest seat of consciousness" - where another aspect of awareness (dare we say a Brother or Sister) "opens-up" and begins learning how to surf the Unconscious with a still, compassionate Mind ...a Mind addicted neither to distraction nor stillness, mental gymnastics nor meditation, but simply delighting in the collective journey back to a remembrance of our Innocence in Creation by God...

Through "identification" (me, my, mine) with certain of the "iridescent patterns" we experience swirling around the surface of this shared Cosmic "soap-bubble" ...and through rejection or judgment of other patterns, our attention gets "hooked" into constructing a personal identity.
These "identity boxes" appear defined - in large measure - by likes and dislikes (fairly obviously) ...but, also, by the correlations of our intentional efforts directed toward achieving goals and our subsequent witnessing of the fulfillment (or frustration) of those goals, as they appear embodied in the unfolding patterns of "the world at large."

A difficulty in authenticity seems implied by the idea that many ...(if not most) ...of our goals, and the linguistic distortions we use to symbolize them, may also simply be embedded in the "iridescent patterns," along with the outcomes of our applied efforts. We thus may regard ourselves (from a limited human perspective) somewhat as programmed "flat-landers" - listening to and identifying with fear-based egoic promptings that appear embedded (or "scripted") within the fabric of space-time itself.
D, in responding reactively - or what Buddhists call "unmindfully" - you appear fixated and preoccupied with "the surface of things"... and quite literally so - for the sights, sounds, emotions, and "internal monologue" of the perceived World appear as the surface of "a bubble of separation" - an imagined separation from your Brothers and Sisters and, hence... from the very Source of Life Whom the concept of fragmentation would be incomprehensible.

Illusory or no, sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by fear that God will take away my "separate identity" before I am ready...

The Comforter, or Higher-Mind, ain' out to "burst anyone's bubble" - and the concept of "force" appears completely alien to Spirit. You are perfectly welcome to reject the ministrations of Spirit, though the rejection of His Comfort appears, well ...increasingly uncomfortable...
The Spirit of Wholeness bares no blame for the suffering of the World, and in the final "judgment" neither do you... you and your Brothers and Sisters are Perfectly Innocent of blame, yet appear nevertheless responsible for your part in redemption from illusion.

Could you address my fascination with the drama of the Zero-Point Energy discussion happening on the internet?

Remember, the intricate details of what appears to happen within the surface of the Cosmic "soap-bubble" ain' really that important, and may, in many instances, seem deceptive... I remind you to look within for joy... miracles of forgiveness are "the order of the day," so to speak.
The Universe may, as science reconsiders the inviolability of "Conservation of Energy," appear more as a spiritual cramp within the Mind of God, so to speak. Zero-point Energy seems fascinating from the standpoint of "Free-Energy," but more significant appears the ability of humans to joyfully "hold their tongues," letting Spirit "pull" healing words from us... rather than compulsively "talking to hear our heads' roar..." This, in Tolhtec wisdom, be called "The Power of Silence."
Humans each have an atmic "perspective-point" (or zero-point) from which we collectively manage to project a vastly addictive experience called: Cosmos. And although beyond the scope of current physics, spiritual traditions the world over acknowledge that humanity inhabits a "fallen state."

Until scientists embrace and integrate mystical experience, what they have to "say" shall appear biased  in the extreme by rejection of such teachings.