Gene for Sleepwalking !

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Gene for Sleepwalking !
« on: 22/02/2003 10:39:04 »
Scientists have tracked down the genetic cause of sleepwalking !

It's been clear for some time that sleepwalking runs in families. The inheritable component of this common condition is probably due to a family of genes called DQB1. A preliminary study in 60 sleepwalkers, published in Molecular Psychiatry (2003;8:114-7) showed the genes were considerably more common (35%) among sleepwalkers than among controls.

The authors contend that DQB1 genes may be involved in motor-control during sleep (as a rule we are essentially paralysed during sleep by specific brain regions which prevent the transmission of movement related signals so that we don't 'act out' our dreams).

Here's the link to the paper :

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Gene for Sleepwalking !
« Reply #1 on: 21/04/2008 19:17:32 »
so what happens when when you wake a sleep walker up, why is it so dangerous?