Sky writing

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Sky writing
« on: 18/04/2007 23:59:00 »
Those aeroplanes that write slogans or messages in the sky. How do they write their message so that it is legible when viewed at any angle?


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Sky writing
« Reply #1 on: 19/04/2007 00:31:47 »
The answer of course is that they arent but things like that are usually done at the coast or at an event where a lot of people are gathered and looking in a particular direction so the angle of view is limited
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Sky writing
« Reply #2 on: 19/04/2007 01:52:19 »
Well, it's just as well that they did not write the Magna Carta or the Declaration Of Independence in sky writing !

It would have been a silly decision to do so and I'm glad they decided against it .

Here's a free not employ a sky writing team to produce legal documents.
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