What are your hobbies?

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What are your hobbies?
« Reply #100 on: 28/06/2007 22:41:30 »
Well youŽd hope so.

Glad we are all agreed Lily is not to know!

ERR Lily if you are reading this, we are not talking about you but some other lily, who is not a famous comic, I dont know what karen is talking about, she is clearly off her rocker!
I dont know any Pixie Queen, I certainly havnt danced with any pixie Queen, but if she did exist, which she doesŽnt, but if she did, I do not see any issue, as you still have not got back to me!!!

ERR If the pixie Queen is reading this I dont know any lily.....

I dont know what karen talking about- I dont even own a washing machine!!!!
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What are your hobbies?
« Reply #101 on: 28/06/2007 22:45:07 »
LOL LOL...Jolly you make me laugh!..No washing machines no Pixie Queens and No Issues and I am indeed completely off my rocker!!!!

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