Swallowing a big gulp hurts my Adams Apple (larynx)..why ?

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It's my fault !!..I drink far too quickly sometimes and all too often I

seem to swallow too big a gulp resulting in a painful larynx....well I think that is what is hurting !..

It only lasts  a few seconds but what is it that has happened to make it  such an uncomfortable

swallowing experience ?
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Swallowing a big gulp hurts my Adams Apple (larynx)..why ?
« Reply #1 on: 11/05/2007 09:42:08 »
I will tell you what I have found at least for me. When this occurs it usually occurs to me when I am very thirsty and upon the first few drinks. I believe it is from being too dry. and once you have lubricated the throat again the pain subsides and it is easier but sometimes it takes a few drinks and I find that if I take small sips at first to lubricate it hurts less and then I can drink normally!

That has happened several times lately as my water intake has been dereased.. That really hurts when that happens..

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