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« on: 15/05/2007 20:39:08 »
Can all members please be aware we are not at liberty to discuss anything which is personal to any of our members but would like to make it clear that we do not take any action against any of our members without good reason and before any action is taken all the forums Moderators discuss the matter to ensure we adopt the correct approach to any given situation which could disrupt the harmony of this forum.

Please also be aware there are different levels of censure from a simple warning, a temporary posting ban right up to a permanant ban for the most serious of offences or repeated offenders who fail to heed our warnings about the content of their posts.

We do also if possible always give everyone a chance before we take any action as our aim is not to ban any member on a permanant or temporary basis and should anyone in the future be asked to adopt a different approach to their posting on this forum, please note that we do so for the benefit of all members and no personal reasons, dislikes or likes are used in the making of our decisions.

We will hopefully in the near future be posting on this forum a set of rules which all of our members should be able to follow without too much thought. They are a set of rules which we have been working on for a while now and have not been in response to any one member and ask that every member once they have been posted read and abide by them.

Should any member have any concerns or wish to discuss anything to do with the day to day running of this forum then please do so in the guest forum .

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