scuba diving

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scuba diving
« on: 09/06/2007 00:34:03 »
Is it possible to filter out oxygen from water. I know you can use electrolysis to obtain oxygen from water but is it possible to do it like a fish allowing divers to remain submerged without the need of an oxygen tank.


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scuba diving
« Reply #1 on: 11/06/2007 16:38:14 »
By "like a fish" do you mean breathing liquid ?

The use of fluids such as saline, silicone oils
and PFCs for breathing has been under
investigation for many decades. In 1966, Clark
and Gollan first reported the ability of PFC
liquid breathing to sustain life5. These investigators
observed that mice, rats and other
animals could survive in complete immersion in
oxygen-saturated silicon oils for prolonged
periods of time and recover uneventfully.
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