Islam's Terrorism Working? Conversion and Leanings Wave.

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It seems some are being pressured by terrorism events to consider being against and looking for evil in Christianity. In the Australian press, as on JJJ FM earlier in June. The famous murder of the Dutch director who made a film against Islam, and  the post Islamic actress who survives under threat had to push anti Islamic views in her interview on JJJ as the reporter suggested that Christianity was just as evil.

The actress won over. She used the original texts as basis and refered to Osama Bin Laden ... her book is available.

But why do people agree with fear, and stretch their minds out to times long ago and the worst in Christendom?

Are they trying to be fair?



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Islam's Terrorism Working? Conversion and Leanings Wave.
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Terrorism is merely another way of talking about asymmetric warfare.

The point about any war, and this is even more true of asymmetric warfare than it is true of conventional warfare, is that it is like a game of tennis, or a game of chess, it is not about making all the right moves to win (if both sides only ever make the right moves, then you will only at best get a draw, and in an asymmetric situation, the weaker side will always lose), it is about forcing you opponent to make mistakes to allow you the opportunity of winning.

With asymmetric warfare, this is doubly the case, because the weaker side (the 'terrorist') does not have the capability of winning, but also his very weakness gives him the advantage that he is less able to make major mistakes that will weaken his position further than it is.  Thus, the 'terrorist' can only achieve success by forcing the conventional forces to make errors; and that is something that over recent years they have been very successful in doing.

Ofcourse, there is no doubt that this is a long war ahead of us, and the mistakes we make today (mistakes that we should never have made, and that the absence of would have denied the 'terrorists' the advantage they have gained from those mistakes) will not as yet guarantee the 'terrorists' final victory, but there is no doubt that those mistakes have given them strength that they otherwise would have been denied.