Question about sound change w/head position

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Question about sound change w/head position
« on: 22/04/2004 15:32:31 »
I've had mild tinnitis for a while... not disabling or a real serious problem, but I've noticed something that seems a bit strange and I haven't heard/seen anything about it anywhere yet.....
If my head is straight (looking forward), I have a somewhat high pitched not too loud sound.
If I then turn my head to look hard left or hard right, the sound changes to a higher pitch and higher volume.  When I turn my head back straight again, it returns to "normal".
Has anyone had this or knows what it means?

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Re: Question about sound change w/head position
« Reply #1 on: 23/04/2004 21:29:26 »
Mine doesn't do that, but it seems that everyone is a little different.  Mine changes with my sleep or lack of sleep, and with how well hydrated I am.  It also changes with other things that I can't really pin down.  But not with position changes.

John - The Eternal Pessimist.
John - The Eternal Pessimist.