RE: Karen's Q. - Rain, the move, unpacking

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RE: Karen's Q. - Rain, the move, unpacking
« on: 02/07/2007 23:05:18 »
From Other thread:

Wow Jim Bob That is a lot of rain also! A lot..  How much have you seen where you are?? How did your move go? Are you all unpacked?

Hi Karen,

A.) I am partially moved 
B.) not totally unpacked
C.) 30 miles away we got 12 inches of rain when Marble Falls got 19.5 inches

I moved all the cra* in the old apartment and have it mostly put away but I still have too much junk and am slowly throwing the excess away. The largest by 1/2 of the things moved is my books - 1500 volumes. The kitchen material is rather well put away BUT I still have furniture and junk in storage - my living room furniture and assorted things from the house I had. The rain has prevented me from getting it out and moved.

It has rained almost every day and rain, over 70% probability, has been forecast every day. This is the wettest June I can remember. So far, we have had nearly 20 inches. That is almost the amount we get in a normal year.

I'll dry out, the stuff wil get moved and I'll have furniture - one of the se days.

Thanks for asking.
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RE: Karen's Q. - Rain, the move, unpacking
« Reply #1 on: 02/07/2007 23:13:50 »
 Your welcome.. wish I was closer I always enjoyed helping move and unpacking LOL..

The weather is awful there.. It has been a strange weather pattern all over this year!

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