Ever placed a marshmallow in the fire?

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Ever placed a marshmallow in the fire?
« on: 13/07/2007 15:56:48 »
It is honestly the most fascinating thing! LOL!

It first expands to a huge size, almost double it's original.. Then it goes black and then shrinks like wild.. And in the end, it just looks like a charcoal..

Oh, also it gives off this pinky orangy red flame.. It smells quite nice aswell..

What actually happens. And the gas produced?
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Ever placed a marshmallow in the fire?
« Reply #1 on: 13/07/2007 23:54:54 »
Thats how I love my marsh mellows. I put her on the stick catch her on fire really good watch her bubble black bubbles blow the flames out let it cool a tad and slip her right into the ole mouth.. Mmmmmmmmm so good all burnt.. Yummy ! Don't overdo it just charcoal the side evenly! YUMMMMMMMM!

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