Guinea Pig Basics

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Guinea Pig Basics
« on: 15/07/2007 07:31:36 »
Guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) are very popular pets. Also known as cavies (cavy for the singular), guinea pigs grow to reach about 10 inches long and weight in at 2 or 3 pounds. They have a stout body that is rounded in shape with no visible tail. Females are known as sows, while males are called boars. Babies are referred to as piglets. Guinea pigs generally live for 5-7 years, although it isn't unusual for them to live up to 10. Although they may behave nervously when first introduced to a new home, it is very rare for them to bite anyone, and with gentle, frequent handling, they can become very tame. Many people don't realize that guinea pigs come in a number of different breeds, each with their own coat types and color patterns. The most common breeds are Americans (known for their short coats with smooth hair), Abyssinians (also a short coat, but with swirls known as rosettes) and Peruvians (long haired guinea pigs). You can find guinea pigs in a wide range of colors. As guinea pigs are very social creatures, it is best to keep them in same sex pairs so that they will always have company. Many people prefer female pairs, as some male pairs may fight. Although they are generally quiet animals, they have the ability to call out fairly loudly. They are generally active both day and night.

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