Melting Neil down for the gold.

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Melting Neil down for the gold.
« on: 24/07/2007 23:42:36 »
Now if Neil is correct, when he says "there's just not gold and silver on the outside of my body but also on the inside ". If i were to melt him down, how much gold and silver would i end up with? would it be worth my while going to all the trouble? How many people would i need to melt down before i could live off the proceeds?

* thanks for this idea, Neil. Hope you don't mind *


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Melting Neil down for the gold.
« Reply #1 on: 24/07/2007 23:53:15 »
LOL...I do not mind at all as long as you don'd mind my linking this question to my original one...I will do the same.;topicseen
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