Total material replacement?

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Total material replacement?
« on: 27/07/2007 22:40:44 »
I think I read somewhere long ago that people are a form of wave (not speaking in the quantum mechanics sense).  The example was that you can remember stuff that happened to you when you were a kid, but no part of you remains from when you were that age, because all of your tissues have been replaced.

Is this really true?  Obviously many tissues are replaced (skin, intestinal walls, blood), but are they all replaced?  I find it hard to believe that my femur has totally different tissue than it used to have, for example.

Obvously it's likely that a molecule or two has stuck around, but I'm just speaking in the general sense.


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Total material replacement?
« Reply #1 on: 25/09/2007 03:09:07 »
when u say kid, do you mean baby inside your mom, or do you mean like K-6th grade?

there are some people with these diseases that allow them to remember everything they ever did, but it makes you terribly ability disordered, there was one person that memorized every square root up to 100 to the 7th decimal point! Also, this same guy memorized the whole phone book, but anyway, he needs help walking, eating, all the stuff normal people do easily



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Total material replacement?
« Reply #2 on: 25/09/2007 03:37:57 »
Nerve cells are one of those that don't easily get replaced (it was once thought that by the age of around 5 you will have all the neurons in your brain that you will ever have, and from then on, they only die - but it is now thought that in some cases you do get new nerve cells, but I don't think the old one's get replaced very much).

Also, on a different note, women have all the eggs they will ever produce in their life by the time they are born, so that too is tissue that is never replaced after birth.