non-chemical treatment for fleas

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non-chemical treatment for fleas
« on: 01/08/2007 21:54:32 »
Animals get fleas humans get headlice, as far as i know they are all treated with chemical. What if the "subject" is sensitive to the chemicals? How are they treated?

Well, i have no idea. So, is there a way we could induce a small electric shock to kill the fleas / lice? How about static electricity, could that kill fleas?

Plus how much fun would it be rubbing you dog, or kids with balloons to kill their infestation.


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non-chemical treatment for fleas
« Reply #1 on: 01/08/2007 22:46:57 »
That would be interesting me grandma always boiled Eucalyptus leaves and then bathed the animals with that when it cooled down to the right temperature.But first she used baby shampoo to get the dirt off.. then a thorough rinse and rub down with the other!

It was pretty strong smelling.. but it worked pretty go and she put the fresh leaves under the cushions and pillows and beds to keep them away... LOL

Static would be very interesting.. does it effect them or is this an experiment you should try soon!

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non-chemical treatment for fleas
« Reply #2 on: 03/08/2007 00:14:35 »
There are already electric combs out there for de fleeing animals, so guess they would work ok on humans also.

We use a drop of tee tree oil rubbed in the hands and then rub all over the fur of our dogs to keep flees off.

Another tip is to add garlic to the diet; this can get rid of fleas also.

Lemon or lime juice rubbed in the scalp stands a good chance of killing head lice and may even cook the tiny eggs and would certainly kill any secondary infections, but moderation because it does bleach the hair.

But the best advice is to get rid of all carpets and sand and polish those lovely floorboards.

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