Pony update

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Pony update
« on: 07/08/2007 01:14:47 »
We finally managed to get a real farrier (rather than just a beaver disguised as a farrier) to sort out Comet's hooves today. He trimmed them back further than I'd dared to as I didn't want to risk hurting him (Comet, not the farrier!). In any case, Comet's got laminitis at the moment and needed professional treatment on his hooves. I've been staying at the stables for the past week so I can give him his medication regularly morning & night.

The farrier found a hole in 1 hoof where there had been an abscess, but it was old & healed so he only had to trim the sharp edges.

I was really pleased because the farrier said Comet was 1 of the nicest ponies he's had to deal with. Not just because he was well behaved (we didn't even tie him up; he just stood there good as gold) but because he's now in such good condition.

It really meant a lot to us for an equine professional to say that. We know he's a lot different from when we got him, but it's so nice to hear someone like a farrier comment on what a nice pony he is.

He reckons if we were to sell Comet we could get near on 1,000 for him (we got him free) - but no way is he for sale! He's 1 of the family and he's staying where he is.
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Pony update
« Reply #1 on: 07/08/2007 01:42:35 »
That is really good. I am glad you have him all fixed up and being treated. He is such a nice pony! It is good to hear those things.. I am glad he is there to stay!

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Pony update
« Reply #2 on: 07/08/2007 13:59:41 »
I love Pony's! LoL. Expecically one like yours!