The significance of eyebrows

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The significance of eyebrows
« on: 08/08/2007 14:00:33 »
Just a random thought on my mind the past few days: What is the evolutionary significance of eyebrows?

As a relatively bald mammalian species, humans have retained the peculiar trait of having dense growths of hair above the eyes. I'm tending towards thinking of eyesbrows as being a product of sexual selection, or perhaps an adaptation for greater social interaction (through communication by facial expression)...Even so, I'd suggest that neither of these mechanisms would be so vital in a survival sense that humans, without exception, need to possess eyebrows (or have I just not noticed my eyebrowless counterparts?).

...Alternatively, is it possible that the gene(s) responsible for eyebrow formation have just never mutated since our hairier origins, such to produce dis-browing alleles in the human gene pool?

While I'm on that note, I'm running with the theory that bald individuals are relatively more 'evolutionarily advanced' than their hairy friends (assuming we're derived from fully haired ancestors)...and no I'm not bald, nor male, so I need not declare bias on the issue! ;)
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The significance of eyebrows
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