Earthquake and Tsunami can be predicted and Reduced it

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Earthquake and Tsunami can be predicted and Reduced it

Do explosion inside earth generate the earthquake, or on the contrary?

Be in fact this question is generated by existence of opinion of West master concerning Drifting Continents that is the continents on the move. With this theory they have known the existence of million times earthquake every year in this planet. But they forget that this earth husk have ever been very solid, hence there are two-third of the ocean and people not afraid to sail expressionless where on earth will fall in place slide into inside Earth.

The single effective way to lessen the danger earthquake and mount eruption is to connect Makkah with Antartic, Tuamoto with Artic, and poles itself through Atlantic with magnetics materials. This Last link also can lessen the danger tornados and hurricane and at the same time yield giant energi from the Earth truthfully is the nature dynamo of big electrics. Doing reduction the danger by using the atomic bomb explosion and or injection of water into the Earth is irrational and useless deed.

Talking about the natural disaster is talking about the Magnetism and Electricity

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