Where does the information come from?

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Where does the information come from?
« on: 12/08/2007 13:28:01 »
Where does the information come from?

Once upon a time, 20 billions of years ago, all matter
 (all elementary particles and all quarks and
their girlfriends- antiparticles and antiquarks,
all kinds of waves: electromagnetic, gravitational,
 muons… gluons field ….. etc.) – were assembled in a “single point”.
It means that all information also was assembled in a "single point".
And then there was " big bang " and all information flew to bits
in different sides.
 Suppose , that every bits of  a "single point", every particle
of  a "single point" is the owner of some information.
Then  there  are two possibilities:
a) every particle has the own information and after 20 billions years
 they accidentally united and created everything including a man.
The aim of it is to observe all accidental possibilities.
b) in the beginning every particle has zero information .
Question :" How does zero information further arrive to a
 very  high informational level ? "
If you go on way a) - so maybe yes, maybe no
you will pass through a forest of knowledge .
If you go on way b) - you will pass a forest of
theoretical knowledge along a straight road.
Why I say so?
The visible matter of world is only a small part of all mass in the Universe.
More then 90% of the matter in the Universe is unseen," dark matter ".
Nobody knows what it is and therefore it is possible to say that more
 then 90% of information is hiding and unknown to us.
So our aim must be to study "dark particles " or…..
We know, there is no information transfer
without energy transfer. More correct : there is no quant
information transfer without quant energy transfer.
And the electron has the least  electric charge.
It means it has some quant of the least information.
What can electron do with this information?
Let us look the Mendeleev / Moseley periodic table.
We can see  at first, that electron does, it interacts with proton
and creates atom of hydrogen. This is simplest design,
which  was created by electron.
And we can see how this information grows and reaches
high informational level. And the most complex design,
 which was created by electron is the Man.
The Man is alive essence. Animals, birds, fish are alive essences.
And an atom? And atom is also alive design.
The free atom of hydrogen can live about 1000 seconds.
And someone a long time ago has already said, that if
to give suffices time to atom of hydrogen, he would turn into Man.
Really, it is not beautiful, is it ?
Maybe it is better not to search about "dark, virtual particles "
but to understand what the electron is,
because even now nobody knows what electron is.
Was I mistaken? No.
 Because according to Pauli Exclusion Principle 
only one single electron can be in the atom.
This electron reanimates the atom.
This electron manages  the atom.
If the atom contains more than one electron
(for example - two), this atom represents " Siamese twins".
Save us, the Great God, of having such atoms, such children!
Each of us has an Electron, but we do not know it.
Why does only electron have quant of information?
Maybe does  proton also have quant of information?
No. Single proton has no quant of information.
Because information can be transfered only by
electromagnetic fields. And we don’t have a theory
about protono-magnetic fields.
Once upon a time, in the beginning, there was
 one "single point " accidentally.
Then it has accidentally blown up
 Big Bang " has taken place.
It was the reason of accidental creation of some thousands
 kinds of elementary particles and their girlfriends - antiparticles.
Then atom of hydrogen was formed accidentally
Then complex atom was formed accidentally.
Then stars were formed accidentally.
Then the Planet the Earth was formed accidentally.
Then the fauna was formed accidentally.
Then the animal kingdom was formed accidentally.
Then the man was created accidentally.
And this man  can accidentally think logically.
But of course, unfortunately, not always.
Many years ago man has accustomed some wild
animals (wolf, horse, cat, bull , etc.)
and has made them domestic ones.
But the man understands badly the four-footed friends.
In 1897 J. J. Thomson opened new particle - electron.
Gradually man has accustomed electron to work for  him.
But the man does not understand what an electron is.
For my peasant logic at first it is better to understand
the closest thing (for example an electron) and then
to study the  far away space and particles
 (for example dark, black, virtual …etc particles).
Best wishes.
The secret of 'God' and 'Existence' hide
 in the “Theory of Light quanta”.


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Where does the information come from?
« Reply #1 on: 19/08/2007 13:27:59 »
Energy, entropy ,information, . …….etc.

How do energy, entropy and information interact?
If the energy increases the information also increases.
If the entropy increases the information decreases.
Is the interaction compatible or incompatible?
But it seems to me that this scenery of explaining
 of the beginning  of creation the Universe is very hard.
Because I explain everything in common words.
I must say: “quant of energy “, “quant of entropy “,
 “quant of information “. But even these words are common.
I must make them more accurate. The smallest quant of
energy has electron. And we know, there is no quant
 information transfer  without quant energy transfer.
And the electron has the least  electric charge.
It means this electron has (carries) the smallest
quant of information. But what is “quant of entropy “?
Nobody knows. I know the answer.
It is Dirac’s  particle -“ antiparticle “.
As entropy is a shadow of energy, so “ antiparticle “
 is a shadow of particle. And we come to Quantum theory again
 with all its paradoxes.
The physicist Jim Whitescarver wrote:
 ” QM is simply an instance of a complete mathematical
 logical system unlike classical logic. It describes the universe
 in terms of information which is necessarily the reality itself,
 rather than representing some deeper reality.”
It is not his own opinion, it is common  physicists, opinion.
 Is they really right?
Is it really impossible to understand QM with usual, human
( classical) logic? Are the physical formulas cleverer us?
I think we say in such way because we don’t still understand QM.
Nearly 100 years ago the scientists tried to explain electromagnetic
theory using balls, springs, blocks …..etc. And now we have the
 same situation. What to do? We must look at QM from
 another point of view. We must ask ourselves again:
“ What is the sense of Quantum mechanic“?
There is still a mistake in this question.
Because QM is not a mechanical theory.
It doesn’t describe systems of balls, springs, blocks …etc.

The secret of 'God' and 'Existence' hide
 in the “Theory of Light quanta”.


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Where does the information come from?
« Reply #2 on: 30/08/2007 01:21:43 »
If I may tap into the mind of socratus:

How do you explain spiritual interaction? Can it happen or is it fiction?

Is the "God gene" reality? What determines spirituality?
Kurt Kawohl