Our swallows have gone

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Our swallows have gone
« on: 27/08/2007 14:10:51 »

They put on a good show before they left, though. Our pair had a second clutch (?) of babies who all took to the wing a couple of weeks ago.

For a few nights there were 10-12 of the little beasties flying around doing their aerobatics. Then, the other night, we counted 30 of them before giving up as they were darting around everywhere & it was impossible to tell which ones we'd already counted.

They were flying high, swooping down into the stables & out again, flitting round the trees - it was amazing to watch. I couldn't believe how fast they were flying and how they could dart around so much without colliding.

Today there were none so I assume they've all headed off south to warmer climes.

I wish them all a safe flight & hopefully they'll be back next year. The nest will be waiting for them.
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