Swollen Lip

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Swollen Lip
« on: 28/08/2007 04:22:16 »
Nic asked me to post this topic for him since his computer is dead and I wouldn't let him on mine tonight.

Last week during karate, Nic took a hard hit in the mouth.  His lip was swollen for two days.  What he wants to know is what causes your lip, or ankle, knee, nose, etc to swell.



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Swollen Lip
« Reply #1 on: 28/08/2007 04:29:41 »
What is swelling? it is defined as (roughly), excessive build up of fluid in the tissue. this fluid causes the organs, such as skin to become enlarged.

that's a rough definition of "common" swelling, although certain medical conditions can cause swelling. look up "edema" on google.