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« on: 24/05/2004 14:05:16 »
I would love to find a site were the sufferers can do some scientific resersch on the subjeckt

My Tinnitis started February 2003

IT sounds like it is somewhere in the center of my head.
I am into electronics so i am capable  of doing some simulations and tests
The frequency is constant at 13.6 KHz with a slight high freq modulation a lot simmilar to a off station TV line output frequncy witch is 15.625 Khz .

But i found that there are  few people that can hear that. (I could clerly before I got my Tinnitis).
At the time it started I had days that my face felt numb.
T is especially worse just after i have woken up even after i have dosed off just for a moment ( few sec's).

A nother thing that i discovered is that if i crossed my fingers behind my neck and aplied pressure to my scull at the back of my ears using my palms the T increases + _ 3 times.
( I wold like other sufferers to try this)
And let me know
I have seen a specialist and have tried various medications.
A MR scan was done with no apparint cause.
He perscribed a TINNEX magnetic impulse devise witch I have been using for the last 4 months with no avail.

I hope we can find a way to categorize symtoms and to evaluate posseble Remedy's and treatments.

It seems it is easy to sell a LIE to a desperate Person.
I hope we can help each other



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Re: Tinnitis
« Reply #1 on: 25/05/2004 01:15:35 »
Hi Danie, I've had tinnitis for years and the best remedy I've found so far is to get used to it.  It's really just an annoyance unless your hearing in that range is required for some task.

I tried the pressure behind my ears and it didn't markedly change the sound or volume.  If I push just under my right ear, I get a windy sound in addition to the tinnitis.
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Re: Tinnitis
« Reply #2 on: 25/05/2004 03:45:17 »
Welcome Danie.  I too have had Tinnitis for years.  While the sound changes sometimes, and gets worse when I don't get enough sleep or don't eat well, I've never found any specific action or pressure point that makes it worse or better.  I've also never found anything that will make it go away - even for a little while.  It's not terribly bad, and doesn't hamper my life other than making it difficult to hear certain soft sounds and really good stereo systems.  I've never tried any of the advanced "treatments" because I've never found any compelling evidence that they really work.  I'm under the impression that Tinnitis can be caused by many things, so no single treatment will help in all cases.

This has been covered in the forum before, so you may find some good background here:http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=543&SearchTerms=Tinnitus

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John - The Eternal Pessimist.