Where does all the other evaporated stuff go to ?

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This evaporates quicker.......

than this !

So,  water evaporates then precipitates as rain yes ?...what happens to the alcohol and other non water evaporating liquids ?

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Where does all the other evaporated stuff go to ?
« Reply #1 on: 02/09/2007 21:18:23 »
I never found out how fast alcoholic drinks evaporated...
Anyway, most of the other things that evaporate into the air- the scents of flowers and a whole lot of other things get destroyed by reactions in the atmosphere. Most of these involve the UV light from the sun directly altering the stuff or generating things like ozone and hydroxyl radicals which oxidise these components of the air.

Some (mainly man-made) compounds are much more difficult to destroy; these can sometimes get up to the stratosphere and start making holes in the ozone layer. Also some compounds like DDT are stable enough that they get carried about in the atmosphere and are frozen out again in arctic conditions.
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