Sugar Rush !...what's it all about ?

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Sugar Rush !...what's it all about ?
« on: 05/09/2007 21:57:04 »
Confectionery Connoisseurs,

Here's some sugar :


Nice eh ? lump or two ?..I have the kettle on !

What is a sugar rush ? they really make kids go hyper ?
What is happening to the body to make a kid hang from the chandelier ?

Awwwwwwwww're so sweet.....thanks for commenting !!  [:)]

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Sugar Rush !...what's it all about ?
« Reply #1 on: 06/09/2007 23:12:10 »
It is all about hormones. Sugar creates the pancreas to create a high amount of insulin in the body, but since all glands are interactive with the other, I would imagine that this sudden input of a high amount of insulin to create an imbalance that says to your body's system "it is fight or flight time" and thus your adrenal cortex goes into overdrive, the non-necessary systems shut down and you feel a "rush".

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