Bending water - static attraction

13 March 2011


The charged balloon bends the stream of water



What are some possible errors that make occur in this experiment?

Very good

found this article very helpful for the kids science assessment, thank you again the naked scientists :D

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I dont think this original explanation is correct...(!) When the water (=water molecules) is running out of the tab, the dipole H2O molecules turn their oxygen(+) side towards the balloon(-) (and the hydrogen(-) atoms point the opposite direction). So this is why the water stream bends because the molecules' plus-sides try to get closer to the balloon's minus-surface. I mean that I dont understand that water's electrons would have anything to do with the bending. But this is only according to my understanding.

Individual molecules of water are polar, with the oxygen slightly negatively charged and the hydrogen atoms slightly positively charged.

What if the balloon gets wet

Then the balloon will be wet.

well thats just unfortunate and yh better luck next time

But the negative ions are pushed away and the positve charges are pulled to the baloon. So, like in a capacitor there is a charge separation. But I dont understand how there is a net movemnt of the whole stream.
My hypothasis is that the friction between the water and the pipe caused to the water to be positivly charged, and thus to attract to the negative baloon.

Because the positive charges are closer to the baloon than the negative ones

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