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With the strapline "Soundtrack the World!", the Naked Scientists are very honoured to work with Epidemic Sound, leading providers of sounds, music and effects for the media industry and individuals. Their aim is to make the process of finding - and using - high quality sounds and music simple and painless. The Epidemic catalogue contains, in their words "diverse music, carefully created by composers, producers, instrumentalists and artists regularly featured on major streaming platforms." It's very simple to use and to source the perfect pieces for a project in a very short time. We cannot recommend this team highly enough. They have been a pleasure to work with.


The Naked Scientists have been working with Rolls-Royce since 2009 as part of a strategic partnership between a group of UK universities, of which Cambridge University is one, the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) and Rolls-Royce. The aim of this collaboration is to introduce audiences to the cutting-edge engineering and materials science research being supported by Rolls-Royce as the company searches for materials capable of delivering the improved performance demanded by future generations of gas turbine engines and jet engine applications. Through this partnership we have been very fortunate to work closely with senior members of the Rolls-Royce team, the Rolls-Royce supply chain and academic leaders at some of the UK's top universities. Apart from helping people to understand more about the important industrial sector in which Rolls-Royce operates, we also aim to encourage school-age, would-be scientists and engineers to pursue a career in this sector.

Spitfire Network Services Ltd

Spitfire Network Services Ltd have been providing award winning telecoms and IP Engineering Services for Business since 1988. We are proud that the Naked Scientists have chosen to record their radio programmes and podcasts using Spitfire’s reliable ISDN lines and IP solutions. Spitfire provide tailored and innovative telecoms solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, utilising the latest technology alongside our expert IP engineering knowledge to help you run your businesses as effectively as possible.

Dating from 1209, the University of Cambridge is one of the world's oldest universities and leading academic centres. The University has 31 Colleges attached to it and 100 academic departments divided into 6 "schools". The Institute of Continuing Education (ICE), at Madingley Hall, is one of the University's departments and is where the Naked Scientists team are based. Cambridge has a thriving science outreach community, the annual Cambridge Science Festival is one of the UK's largest such meetings, and the University's other activities, including the Festival of Ideas, attract thousands of attendees every year. It's therefore fitting that the Naked Scientists should have been conceived and operates here. 

ipDTL is a revolution in broadcasting and is the brain child of former BBC studio director Kevin Leach. Through the use of clever algorithms, ipDTL delivers audio over the internet "in quality" and also couples the world of Internet audio to the dinosaur that is ISDN. It's an incredible technology that means that anyone with a laptop, an Internet connection and a reasonable microphone can contribute in studio quality to radio stations or recording studios globally. The Naked Scientists use ipDTL regularly. Described in one word: "transformative".