Science Podcasts

11 December 2017

New research shows that peregrine falcons hunt their prey using strategies similar to those used by guided missiles....

11 December 2017

Would a giant gun be a suitable launch vehicle for the next generation of spacecraft?

10 December 2017

Reflecting on 2017's space science, and a look to the future.

08 December 2017

What would happen to someone born on Mars?

08 December 2017

Scientists have identified the most important reefs to protect in the Great Barrier Reef.

05 December 2017

Are black holes really holes? Is there such thing as a genetic love match? Why do clouds move?

01 December 2017

And why is farting so funny?

01 December 2017

Will we ever be able to eradicate it?

28 November 2017

We explore the world of ageing research...

28 November 2017

Can pulsars solve this positron problem?

24 November 2017

How does aspirin help with a headache? Does microwaving your food affect its nutritional content? What happens to eye...

22 November 2017

A computer model tests out the idea of combating climate change by spraying reflective particles into the atmosphere...

22 November 2017

Muscles and the body clock, circumcision rates and monkeys with a seafood habit...

21 November 2017

This week, new ways to spot cancers much sooner, repair nerve injuries and fix hip arthritis: we’re looking at four...

20 November 2017

What makes it so satisfying?

17 November 2017

Will bottled water grow algae? If you toast bread will it keep its nutritional value?

15 November 2017

Almost 4 million people in the UK have Type 2 diabetes, but can it be reversed?

14 November 2017

Did dinosaurs live in herds? Why are mountains pointy? And what's the best preserved mummy?

14 November 2017

We’re off to the zoo to meet some lovelorn laughing thrushes, endangered snails, and the Cilla Black of Sumatran Tigers.

10 November 2017

The Space Boffins talk to Dallas Campbell on how to leave Earth, and take a trip to the Very Large Array telescope in...

10 November 2017

Why don't I have fingerprints? How do energy drinks affect your body? What makes a person left handed?

07 November 2017

We ask whether science can improve our health and our productivity in the workplace.

06 November 2017

Is it safe? Or will the engine cut out?