Can you microwave a cockroach?

Why is it colder at day break? Why can sheep and goats not mate? Why aren't we evolving?...
14 August 2015
Presented by Chris Smith, Redi Tlhabi


The Naked Scientist told us about a possible universal flu vaccine that is being researched. We then opened the lines to listeners to call in with their science related questions. What happens to a full container of water when you freeze it? Why does it seem to get colder at day break? Do our bodies use 70% of the energy we consume even when we are not active? Should I eat for my blood type? How does a cockroach survive being cooked in a microwave? Why can sheep and goats not mate? Is it beneficial to take molasses if you are anaemic? What causes gravity? If evolution is true, why are we not still evolving?


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