Do catwalk models have more neck bones?

Are more neck bones the reason for a long neck? Also, why do some people sink, and does lightning travel upwards, or downwards?
12 March 2021
Presented by Chris Smith with Kieno Kammies, 567 CapeTalk. 
Production by Chris Smith.


A model strikes a pose


Why is the Moon moving away from the Earth, and what would have been the consequence of it being closer to us millions of years ago? Also, why does Covid-19 anosmia stop me smelling Vick's Vapour rub but I can still feel its effects? How is potassium handled in the body? Do models have more neck bones to account for their longer necks? Why do some people float but others sink in the swimming pool? And how does lightning work and does it travel upwards, downwards, or neither? Dr Chris Smith and Kieno Kammies get to grips with your questions...


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