Do microwaves cook from the inside out?

05 August 2011
Presented by Chris Smith, Redi Tlhabi


A microwave


NASA announce signs of running water on Mars and scientists turn skin cells into brain cells. Plus the answers to why certain drugs work well for some people but not others, why my muffin burns in the middle in the microwave, why things defrost badly in microwave ovens, the origin of handedness, what causes someone to snore in the daytime, why do some smells linger longer and why do my eyes water when I bend forward?


While baking in the Microwave in a glass bowl with Celephane wrap over the bowl. The celephane burn into the Apple Tart. The burnt smell was terrible and the Apple Tart turned black. The Apple tart was toss out. But I was told to toss out the Microwave as it will now leak out a very dangerous chemical. True or False. Thank you

Sounds like rubbish to me. Clean the microwave thoroughly to remove any residue from the burning (you may need to use something like alcohol or an approved oven cleaner / detergent to get the oily material out) and you should be good to go! No need for a new microwave.

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