What is the Earth's murmur?

Answering questions on body hair, nuclear disasters, and surviving a falling lift...
23 August 2019
Presented by Chris Smith with Refilwe Moloto, CapeTalk. 


A glowing sound waveform.


Chris Smith from the Naked Scientists takes on YOUR questions. Why do you sometimes see a half moon at sunrise? Why do some body hairs never go grey? Could a coin falling from the top of the Empire State Building kill you? What is the Earth's murmur? Why do effects from nuclear disasters like Chernobyl persist for many years? Does the amount of UV from the sun vary between different countries? Why do beans and sprouts make you pass gas? If a volcanic eruption as big as Krakatoa happened today and filled the atmosphere with ash, how long would planes be unable to fly? Could a person survive in a falling lift if they jumped as it hit the ground? Plus, Chris touches down on the shores of sunny South Africa...


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