Why do I look upside down in a spoon?

We reflect on the answer, and we explain the bright silver sparkles you see when looking at a bright blue sky...
24 August 2020
Presented by Chris Smith with Azania Mosaka, Talk Radio 702. 
Production by Chris Smith.


If you look into a spoon, your reflection is upside down.


This week we talk about climate records and snow in Australia. We also explain why my reflection in a spoon is upside down? Would an astronaut adrift in space be fried, frozen, or both? How did the guy who invented a clock know the time? What links the ABCC11 gene and earwax? Why do some species look after their young? Is a vegan diet healthy for a growing child? And what are the bright silver sparkles I see when I look at a bright blue sky? Join Dr Chris Smith and Talk Radio 702's Azania Mosaka...


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