Why is it dark in space?

Why is the sky blue but it's black in space? And why does the Moon look white?
08 December 2020
Presented by Chris Smith with Kieno Kammies, 567 CapeTalk. 
Production by Chris Smith.


View over the Bristol Channel, England from The Naked Scientists Space Balloon


An update on the Pfizer vaccine for Covid-19, the lotto likelihood of sequential winning numbers, why swallows congregate around motorway bridges, the logistics of keeping the Covid-19 vaccine cold, and why is it dark in space? Also, why is there a Covid-19 vaccine in 10 months but no HIV vaccine after 4 decades, would we still have tides without the Moon, and why is the Moon white since the sky is blue? Join Dr Chris and 567 CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies for the answers...


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