Ask The Naked Scientists

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20 June 2008

How do planes fly upside down? How can tongues get fungal infections? Was there another civilisation before humans?...

13 June 2008

Can we cut through atoms with scissors? Is it possible to light a fire on the moon? How do gyroscopes work? We answer...

06 June 2008

Why can blood vessels burst when pumping iron? Is it possible to grow plants on the moon? Can our joints predict bad...

30 May 2008

Can we make our own fuel? Or provide our own power? Could there be smarter life than us in outer space? Could other...

23 May 2008

Can we engineer monkeys to talk? Why do parrots have the ability to say words? What happens underground to form a...

16 May 2008

Why do clouds float in the sky? If Stars are so bright why is our sky dark at night? Does a ducks quack echo? We tackle...

09 May 2008

Can we make a quick escape from quicksand? Is it really good for us to lick our wounds? Why do we have different...

02 May 2008

Can we drink rain water? Why do dogs prefer drinking out of the toilet? Why haven't all apes become humans? We...

25 April 2008

What is cancer and how is it cured? Will humans ever be able to teleport? How are clouds made? We answer these...

18 April 2008

Can a digital cameras see as well as the human eye? Why do some chemicals stain more than others? Does our taste fade...

11 April 2008

Can Custard cause catastrophic explosions? How will the human race evolve? Can we use water as a fuel? We tackle all...

04 April 2008

Mysteries of our Universe and Overcoming our Fears!

28 March 2008

Perfect Bubbles, Sniffing Danger and Super Animals.

21 March 2008

Sharing Hearts and the Science of Speed!

14 March 2008

The Science of Sat-Navs and Magic of microwaves!

07 March 2008

Bursting bubbles, counting calories and healthy living

29 February 2008

Rocks from Mars, why houses rocked in the UK and sorting mist from fog.

22 February 2008

Breaking bones, Aching joints and the Placebo effect.

15 February 2008

This week on Ask the Naked Scientists we find out why a slipped disc can't slip out, why you forget your dreams...

08 February 2008

Crashing satellites, Squeaking hearts and Glowing stars.

01 February 2008

Tearful eyes, Musical minds and Glowing seas!

25 January 2008

Coloured Bruises, Colliding Bullets and Collapsing Bridges

18 January 2008

Stings, Ripening and Asbestosis.

11 January 2008

Population, Fuel and Sonic Booms!