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03 February 2017

Why do wheels sometimes seem to spin backwards? Do pigeons get itchy?

27 January 2017

Is the earth really flat? Can cannabis cure MS or Alzheimer's?

20 January 2017

What are the best foods to eat before and during exams? Why do you develop allergies? Why would soap help clean greasy...

13 January 2017

Why are dreams so realistic? Can people predict their own deaths? Am I allergic to exercise?

02 December 2016

Why can't I eat fruit? How does marijuana affect your brain? How does pepper spray work?

25 November 2016

How did speech evolve and do anti-ageing creams really work?

18 November 2016

Could the universe be more than a coincidence and what's causing a burning skin sensation?

11 November 2016

Is the Earth flat, do microwaves kill nutrients, why do eggs have whites and yolks?

04 November 2016

Why do other people's fart smell so bad and why do storms turn swimming pools green?

28 October 2016

How can I stop a panic attack, can learned behaviour be passed on genetically?

21 October 2016

Are there increases in miscarriage ratesa and why are rats used in experiments?

14 October 2016

Why does the BCG vaccine cause swelling and where does moisturiser go when you put it o...

07 October 2016

What is autophagy and how do we see distant stars?

30 September 2016

How do we get bright images of planets and why do distant lights seem to blink?

23 September 2016

And how are medicines named and how do HIV protective drugs work ?

16 September 2016

Why are men hairier than women and how can a cockroach survive a microwave?

02 September 2016

How do birds sit on electric wires without getting hurt and why would hot weather cause...

26 August 2016

What causes your eye to twitch? How do we know that the Earth isn't flat?

19 August 2016

What makes us catch colds on holiday? Why go to Mars?

12 August 2016

What is the sun? Why do I get hiccoughs after spicy food? How accurate is carbon dating?

29 July 2016

Is it possible to absorb vitamin D through glass, what happens to cosmetic microbeads...

22 July 2016

Why don't our ears stop growing and can stem cells reverse type 1 diabetes?

15 July 2016

How does wirless charging work and is there any truth in palm reading?

08 July 2016

How old is the Universe, and what is the basis of the power-nap?