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01 July 2016

Is the vaccine against Zika feasible? Are GM crops bad for us? Can we cure aging?

24 June 2016

Is there a new way to treat Zika? Can an inflammatory cream help to fight Zika?

17 June 2016

What is the composition of water, could strong magnets on cars stop crashes...

10 June 2016

How does light move without force, is there a connection between migraines and storms?

03 June 2016

Do chemicals in food cause cancer, how do we vomit, how does the moon affect the tides?

27 May 2016

Why do we get dark circles under our eyes, could animal blood be used for human transfu...

20 May 2016

What does uranium look like, is heated olive oil toxica and can you treat allergies?

06 May 2016

Can we 3D print teeth, how does air conditioning remove condensation from a car...

22 April 2016

Should you refrain from sex before a sports competition? How do flu jabs really work?

08 April 2016

Are waves slowed by kelp, why is there more rain after a thunder clap, why do we shudder..

18 March 2016

Why does sunlight provide you with vitamin D? How accurate are DNA tests?

11 March 2016

Do antioxidants prevent cancer, how does hypnosis work, do girls whistle worse than boys..

04 March 2016

Why do mosquitoes prefer me over my husband? How can I get rid of damp?

26 February 2016

Why do we get butterflies in our stomachs and is a magnetic field energy?

19 February 2016

How big is a drop, how do you measure gravitational waves and how do we get accents?

12 February 2016

What are gravitational waves and how were they found?

11 December 2015

Could humans evolve to one sex, can eczema be viral and what keeps the sun burning?

27 November 2015

Redi spoke to the Naked Scientist about a study from UCLA scientists about loneliness and the link to increased risk of...

20 November 2015

Also, why snails eat cigarettes and what tupperware does in the dishwasher...

13 November 2015

Where does water come from and what would happen if dinosaurs hadn't been wiped out?

30 October 2015

What is the universe made of? Will robots ever take over the world?

16 October 2015

What causes stuttering, how do living things produce oil and why do adults develop alle...

09 October 2015

Can you prove or disprove free will? What is the point of going to Mars?

02 October 2015

How does sugar addiction happen? Where do deleted emails go? Plus, flowing water on Mars.