Naked Astronomy: the Naked Scientists' Astronomy and Space Science Podcast - audio that's out of this world...

28 February 2023

Is time something truly fundamental to our Universe, or just an illusion?

11 January 2023

Ben McAllister talks to Paul Davies on some of the biggest questions confronting cosmologists...

29 September 2021

Naked Astronomy goes in search of the civilisations with which we might share the cosmos...

26 May 2021

Could a 1-inch equation describe all of physics?

30 March 2021

There's weather on Sun, but what does that mean for us on Earth?

26 February 2021

Applying what we know about life on Earth, to space

27 January 2021

How moist is the Martian landscape?

25 December 2020

There's five times more dark matter than regular matter, but what exactly is it?

24 November 2020

What will the square kilometre array teach us?

25 October 2020

How is it all going to end?

24 December 2019

On the tenth anniversary of Naked Astronomy, physicist Ben McAllister asks what's changed in astronomy over the...

25 January 2017

Elon Musk is aiming to have people on the Red Planet by 2024 so what will it be like for would-be Martians?

25 December 2016

Light is ubiquitous thanks to modern technology, and the night has never been more bright...

25 November 2016

If life is common in the universe, where is it? Graihagh Jackson tackles Fermi's paradox.

25 October 2016

Why is everyone excited about Gaia? What's so exciting about this probe? Graihagh Jackson investigates...

25 August 2016

... and Graihagh Jackson made it her mission to find out about this hunk of space rock.

25 July 2016

Juno reaches Jupiter in a death-defying mission through radiation belts but what now?

25 June 2016

... and should we? Or should we be looking further afield to Mars?

25 May 2016

When you look up and see thousands of stars, do you ever wonder what you are looking at?

25 April 2016

On 9 May, Mercury will be seen as a black dot silhouetted against the Sun...

25 March 2016

This month, we turn our instruments inwards and look back at planet Earth...

25 February 2016

Gravitational waves are beginning to unlock the secrets of the universe...

25 January 2016

When did time begin? Was it with the Big Bang or was there something before?

25 December 2013

Meera Senthilingam takes a tour of the South African Large Telescope (SALT) and neighbouring facilities.