Measuring the Universe

The latest results from the Planck Space Telescope, and the amateur astronomer who observes shooting stars with a security camera.
25 April 2013
Presented by Ben Valsler, Dominic Ford


The Cosmic Microwave Background temperature fluctuations from the 5-year Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe data seen over the full sky. The average temperature is 2.725 Kelvin (degrees above absolute zero; absolute zero is equivalent to -273.15 C...


We talk to Planck Scientists at the Kavli Institute in Cambridge, and Nick James, an amateur astronomer who has set up a security camera on the side of his house to observe shooting stars. Plus we answer more of your space science questions.

In this episode

The Cosmic Microwave Background

The cosmic microwave background
with Anthony Challinor and Steven Gratton, the Kavli Institute, Cambridge

Nick James's camera

Filming shooting stars
with Nick James, the British Astronomical Association

Measuring the Universe
with Anthony Challinor and Steven Gratton, Kavli Institute, Cambridge


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