Dodging Space Harpoons

The Space Boffins visit Europe's largest space company and find out how to get rid of space junk.
10 May 2013
Presented by Richard Hollingham, Sue Nelson


Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham dodge space harpoons, discuss whether Mars One will encourage Big Brother in space and report from the Mojave desert on why risk is encouraged at its spaceport. Recorded on location at Astrium, Europe's largest space company, engineer Katherine Bennell and space scientist Ralph Cordey join the Space Boffins to demonstrate how to remove space junk with a flying harpoon. Interview guests include Mars One's Bas Lansdorp, as well as the CEO of the Mojave Air and Space port Stuart Witt, plus David Masten, founder of Masten Space Systems. Finally, Kate Arkless-Gray questions NASA's Chris Gerty on the international Space Apps Challenge.


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