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25 December 2013

Meera Senthilingam takes a tour of the South African Large Telescope (SALT) and neighbouring facilities.

10 December 2013

The Space Boffins have a lunar love-in featuring Apollo 13 astronaut Jim Lovell and studio guests David Baker and...

25 November 2013

The Space Boffins report from the UK control room of the Mars SAFER field trial as scientists operate an ExoMars rover...

08 November 2013

Sue reports from the UK control room of the Mars SAFER field trial as scientists operate an ExoMars rover prototype.

25 October 2013

As Comet ISON draws near to its close approach with the Sun in November, much uncertainty remains over how brilliant it...

10 October 2013

Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham undergo G forces with a special podcast from QinetiQ's centrifuge.

25 September 2013

Dominic Ford reports from the European Planetary Science Congress, where he heard about the latest misisons to Mars and...

10 September 2013

The space boffins present a special Mars-themed podcast.

25 August 2013

This autumn, the Gaia spacecraft will be launched on a mission to find out where the Milky Way's stars came from.

10 August 2013

The Space Boffins are joined by a cosmic hedgehog with a report from NOAA's space weather centre in Colorado.

25 July 2013

In a special episode of Naked Astronomy I travel to the UK's biggest annual astronomy meeting to catch up on the...

10 July 2013

Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson go to a comet, Mars and into space.

25 June 2013

How much detail can amateur astronomers see on Jupiter, and how can space scientists use this to probe the Solar System...

10 June 2013

A full, frank and funny interview with Tim Peake, Richard goes inside NASA's 'crazy ideas', and Sue...

25 May 2013

The processes that can trigger a galaxy to double in brightness

10 May 2013

The Space Boffins visit Europe's largest space company and find out how to get rid of space junk.

25 April 2013

The latest results from the Planck Space Telescope, and the amateur astronomer who observes shooting stars with a...

10 April 2013

Sue and Richard meet Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden explore solar science with Lucie Green and discuss the risks of...

25 March 2013

Kirsten Gottschalk visits the Murchison Widefield Array in Western Australia

10 March 2013

Comets, Mars and the first phone in space are featured in the latest Space Boffins podcast. Recorded at London's...

25 February 2013

2013 looks like a good year for comets! We find out where these balls of dust and ice come from and what to expect from...

10 February 2013

The Space Boffins meet British astronaut Tim Peake at the British Interplanetary Society, and discuss Martian methane,...

10 January 2013

Why space can damage your health, live views of Earth from the Space Station and crisis management tips from an Apollo...

13 December 2012

How can we solve the space debris problem? What will we learn from LOFAR? This month, we meet TechDemoSat and catch up...