eLife Episode 31: Who is tallest?

30 August 2016
Presented by Chris Smith.

In this episode of the eLife podcast we hear about human height, fish joints, colour vision, chimpanzees using tools and open science.

In this episode

00:31 - Tall story

A large scale study reveals how human height has changed in the last 100 years...

Tall story
with James Bentham and Majid Ezzati, Imperial College

Human height

05:48 - Joint secrets

Zebrafish have lubricated joints similar to those in humans and other land animals

Joint secrets
with Gage Crump, University of Southern California

Zebrafish synovial joints

11:19 - Seeing things clearly

Birds tune their light sensitive cells to maximise the number of colours they see...

Seeing things clearly
with Matthew Toomey, Washington University, St Louis

Bird violet perception

16:38 - Making the effort

Travel motivates chimpanzees to use tools...

Making the effort
with Thibaud Gruber, University of Geneva

Chimp tool use

22:13 - In the open

Researchers can benefit from making their research findings freely available online...

In the open
with Erin McKiernan, National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City

Open access citation rates

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