Retro Special

This month we're going fully retro, Leigh's dad digs out his old PlayStation, and we try to play Catan (again)
21 May 2020
Presented by Chris Berrow, Leigh Milner with Alex Rhodes. 
Production by Chris Berrow.


Pacman ghosts


Join Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner for a retro special... with the new Streets of Rage 4, the classic card game Catan, and even a virtual university campus! Plus our Simulator of the Month is Parkour Simulator 3D, with our new fitness instruction Alex Rhodes. *May not actually be useful for fitness. 

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02:53 - Gaming News Roundup for May

What are the big gaming stories this month? (May)

Gaming News Roundup for May
Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

Leigh Milner rounds up the latest gaming news.

Over 85,000 games have been made available in the UK for frontline NHS care workers… to thank them for their efforts in fighting Covid-19.

The scheme, known as “Games for Carers”… has been in such high demand that they only have Steam and Epic Store games available. If you’re an NHS worker, you can grab a key from the “Games for Carers” website... with your NHS email address.

Andy Murray has won the Madrid Open! Well sort of…

Andy actually won the Virtual Madrid Open… where 16 leading ATP players... swapped their racquets for PlayStation 4 controllers.

David Goffin was Murray's opponent in the final, Andy beat the Belgian 7-6 on the “Tennis World Tour” game. Well done Andy…
Although amateur players are returning to the courts... tennis tournaments are likely to be suspended until mid-July… because of coronavirus.

One of the world's biggest eSports events has been postponed until 2021.
“The International”, which awards big money prizes to the winners, was due to take place in Stockholm in August.
Last year's prize money totalled £28 million pounds.
The organisers say they will share more information "when we have it" but aren't expecting to be able to confirm a date for a while.

Fortnite news now…
On April 23, more than 12 million Forniters… I made that word up... stopped fighting to watch a digital avatar of the rapper Travis Scott teleport around a beach, and launch audience members into outer space.

It was part of a 10-minute virtual concert, the game’s biggest event ever. 27.7 million unique gamers attended the digital gig. That’s a lot of uniqueness.

It all went pretty smoothly… unlike the launch of Assassin’s Creed’s new game…
Developed by Ubisoft… everyone was expecting new gameplay… when this trailer arrived


Very nice, but no gameplay. Plus there was a moment… where it looked like their new game was called Assassin’s Creed Offline… oops!

Despite all the controversy Ubisoft has revealed that the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla trailer has had over 100 million views in 10 days. So someone must care.


A Playsation One with controller

06:29 - Retro gaming during lockdown

Are you going back you your old games consoles during lockdown?

Retro gaming during lockdown
Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

Leigh Milner's dad is gaming again:


Leigh - So when I was younger, I used to have the SEGA, PlayStation, PS 2 Gameboy. I was a very spoiled child. No, I loved gaming. So what's happened is we've moved house, obviously we've bought our own... and dad's been left with all this retro gear stuff and he's kind of thought I can't cope with mum anymore, so let's do a bit of gaming.

When I was younger he was actually quite good...

If you're gaming again let us know @NakedGamingPod

A Gameboy

08:14 - The Gameboy Pocket Sonar

It's the gaming accessory you definitely don't need (unless you like fishing)

The Gameboy Pocket Sonar
Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner discover the Gameboy Pocket Sonar, released more than 20 years ago. 

Chris - We've just discovered that the game boy pocket sonar is a thing that existed quite a long time ago actually. Do you want to tell us about?

Leigh - Okay, are you sure it's something we need? If you want to go fishing, let me just read you this, right? Apparently it's a peripheral for the Nintendo Gameboy made by Bandai that used sonar to locate fish up to 20 meters away. If you're wondering about on the water for the sport fishing... it contains a fishing mini game. You can get hold of one right now if you want. It's $127 on eBay.  


09:36 - The VR University Campus in Lincoln

Would you visit a university in virtual reality?

The VR University Campus in Lincoln
Dr Chris Headleand, University of Lincoln

Dr Chris Headleand from the University of Lincoln has created a virtual version of the Brayford Campus at the University of Lincoln. Chris Berrow found out why...

Dr Chris Headleand - So this all started really as a, we were trying to create a, like a virtual meeting room space and because we wanted to use this for university research projects and even actually embedding some light research experimentation in there, we try to base it off a university building. Literally just as we got to the point where we were starting this project, we noticed that, uh, there was a lot of stuff coming up on Twitter about people missing being on campus because of lockedown had just kicked in. And university is a weird engagement, right? It's you, you move there, it becomes your home, it becomes a big part of your life. And suddenly all these people have been told that they basically couldn't socialise with their friends, couldn't, you know, mingle with their kind of extended family and university's a lot more than its buildings. It's a lot more than its campus. It's a community. It is, it's the research. It's the ethos of the environment. The buildings are really closely linked to a lot of those memories as well.

Chris B - You know, you can get bogged down in doing every single meter of every single corner and then making sure that the walls are round here instead of there being a straight line. How kind of liberal were you when it came to the actual designing of the campus?

Dr Chris H - We want to make sure that all the buildings were actually recognisable as the building they were supposed to be. We bought this a, this pack of prefab assets, um, because we're not afraid of modelers and we were trying to cut corners wherever we possibly could. And if all of these prefab sheets had like five windows where the actual building on site had at six. But if you learn to navigate this, you can also navigate in the campus, you can get a sense of where you are. Everyone has their favorite bit of campus, you know, and if we try to do things to accurately, you know, things change quite often. We're quite dynamic. We're quite an agile university and I literally just couldn't keep an up to date with the minor tweaks that we make as we go along.

Chris B - The one question that my wife who actually went to the university said I had to ask you was, did you include the swans? Because swans are such, apparently a huge part of going to Lincoln University.

Dr Chris H - Yeah. We are super into our waterfowl at Lincoln. Um, we, everything is Swan something, you know, our, our bar is the Swan. I couldn't find anything that matched the rest of our assets. And I thought, this is just not the work now, fortunately. So it couldn't get out and found in version one or surely one of my colleagues from the, uh, the school of media, uh, grand Cooper, um, as it created this absolutely fantastic. Swaggering Swan. It's straw swaggers it's got this kind of like funky attack mode and we, we try and we're actually working on this, uh, last weekend. We're hoping he's going to go out there in the next update.

A playstation controller

13:50 - Review: Streets of Rage 4

It's taken 26 years, but the new Streets of Rage has finally arrived!

Review: Streets of Rage 4
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow review Streets of Rage 4...

Chris - The levels are quite beatable. We managed to get through it but it's very hard to get an S rating. Each stage is rated and stuff like that. But I wanted more playable characters, like new characters. They've got the retro ones, but I wanted...

Leigh - I see what you, I see what you mean. But I quite like things when they do, when they do retro revivals, I don't like it to be too different.

Chris - Yeah, and is not that different. They have got some new characters and the graphics, it's like cartoony, which I haven't really seen in the game in a long time.

Leigh - Really nicely done. 26 years in the making... oh the music's banging! It was pretty raving, but then the game was always about the music accompanying your fighting.

Chris - We actually streamed this game in full, so if you look out for Leigh Milner and Chris Berrow on YouTube and also add in Naked Gaming and you can actually find our stream of the entire game. It takes about three hours to beat depending on how good you are. Once we've worked it all out, you'll be able to watch that... probably by the new year. But anyway, I thought it was really good. What did you think? Rating out of 10?

Leigh - Oh, you know I give it a nine and a half out of 10.


16:31 - Retro Revival: Catan

Did Chris and Leigh finally manage to play a game of Catan? (No)

Retro Revival: Catan
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Why is it so hard to get hold of the two-player version of Catan?

Chris - It's not the right version. Who knew? Catan has 10 different additions and that the standard edition of Catan, it says here, look three to four players.

Yeah. And noticeably, there's only two of us now, Bailey, the rabbit. He might be able to play Catan but you can't unless you modify all the rules. You can't play that two player. It costs me 40 quit... I'm sending it back. Yeah, but only when the card version of Catan arrives. 


18:21 - Simulator of The Month: Parkour Simulator 3D

Alex Rhodes tries to get fit using games. This time it's Parkour Simulator 3D.

Simulator of The Month: Parkour Simulator 3D
Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast

Alex Rhodes becomes a fitness guru, and plays Parkour Simulator 3D.

This one is a must listen so press play!


A playstation controller

22:49 - Listener Review: Animal Crossing

One podcast listener reviews the new Animal Crossing

Listener Review: Animal Crossing
David Chapman, Naked Gaming Podcast listener

One listener reviews the latest Animal Crossing Game. 

David Chapman - Animal Crossings: New Horizons is the fifth main installment of the Animal Crossing’s franchise and we are so glad that it is finally here. The game is a wave of nostalgia with great new features that keeps this franchise fresh and fun.

Once we get past the fear of picking out a good name for our island we are introduced to a new world that is completely customizable to us. Gameplay can be a little slow to start as those unfamiliar with the franchise are greeted by a system that does make you wait actual days for new things to become available to the player, provided that you don’t change your system time. However, the game does reward you for each time you come back to play.

The expanded customisation for this new installment allows players to put their personal touch not just in their in-game house like previous titles, but the entire island as well.

Additionally, although the new crafting had me a little sceptical at first, it is an interesting new feature that players have at their disposal. One drawback this new feature has is that you are only able to craft one item at a time. Which does make bulk crafting tasks quite the pain.

The good news about Animal Crossing: New Horizons is that we definitely had to nitpick in order to find anything bad about this game. We definitely think that this game is worth the buy and makes getting comfy on a nice Saturday afternoon with a warm cup of tea all the better.


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