Simulator Special

Why do people play simulator games like Farming Simulator and the new Woodwork Simulator?
21 August 2019
Presented by Chris Berrow, Leigh Milner
Production by Chris Berrow, Leigh Milner.


Inside a flight simulator


A special episode dedicated to simulator games - why do people play them, and what are some of the best? As for new releases, Sky: Children of the Light is out now and it’s one of the most beautiful mobile games ever made, and we review Effie, which involves a viking who skateboards on his magic shield. In Retro Revival our “roller coaster reporter” goes head to head in a game of Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic. Plus Farming Simulator and Woodwork Simulator. With Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner. 

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A gamer at a computer

04:17 - eSports Roundup

Who won the Fortnite World Cup, and the story of the player who used a controller!

eSports Roundup
Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming

Several eSports events took place this month, so Leigh Milner looks at all the results.

Yes with a whopping $30m prize pool .. the first ever Fortnite World Cup took place earlier this month at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York.If you’ve never played the game before .. think of Minecraft mixed with the Hunger Games.

Voiceover - Collect building and crafting materials while traveling across landscapes where no two are alike

Over forty million players attempted to qualify .. but only 100 finalists had a shot at winning the top prize of $3m.

That’s a lot of money for 16 year old Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf from the US, who after six rounds was eventually the last man standing in the solo competition. Well done Kyle!

Announcer - Ladies and gentlemen the champion Bugha. $3 million dollars richer. The biggest. Victory. In Gaming. History.

Now it was Nyhrox and Aqua who won the doubles .. but here in the UK Jaden Ashman, otherwise known as Wolfiez stole the headlines.

He might have come second alongside his Dutch teammate Dave Jong  .. making them both millionaires, but he did it using a controller rather than the usual mouse and keyboard.

It’s now led to fans creating a “controller gang” yes it’s a real thing, celebrating players who use this more difficult method of control.

Announcer - The results are in, ladies and gentlemen congratulations to the first ever fortnight champions - Nyhrox and Aqua.

Like many parents Jaden’s mum hated him playing on the game .. so much that she’s admitted to throwing his Xbox and his headset in the bin! Sacrilege! But don’t worry there is a happy ending. Now that he’s a millionaire, he can afford to buy another console and he’s promised his mum he’ll carry on studying for his exams.

Also a few other bits of eSports news…

As a new study suggests that eSports revenue will grow 5 fold by the year 2024, we’ve also just had the FIFA eWorld Cup recently, with 47 million viewers across the tournament.

MoAuba was crowned champion, winning a quarter of a million dollars.

Announcer - 15 years Germany have waited for a champion.

Also a tournament called The International for DOTA 2 has an even bigger prize pool than Fortnite… it’s underway as we record this… but the total prize on offer is at least $33 million dollars.

Chris - That’s a lot of money.

Leigh - And finally… Celtic Football Club have signed an e-sports team to compete in the Call of Duty World League Championship. It makes them the first UK football club to seriously invest outside of football title Fifa.
Celtic's business manager said "This is a great opportunity in an e-sports area where we see almost no engagement from professional football clubs." The competition, which got more than seven million Twitch views last year, has a prize of more than £1.6 million pounds.

A picture of a tractor

08:18 - Farming Simulator League

The first ever Farming Simulator took place this month, was it successful?

Farming Simulator League
Lars Malcharek, eSports Coordinator, GIANTS Software

Microsoft recently announced a new version of Flight Simulator, coming in 2020, so this month we’re looking at why people decide to spend hours playing simulators!

It’s a simulator special… and a few weeks ago... the first ever Farming Simulator League took place at Farmcon in Harsewinkle in Germany…

The format was a 3 v 3 championship to " determine who is the best in the field".

The prize pool was 11,000 Euros… not as much as Fortnite, or the DOTA 2 championships The International… but this is early days.

Chris Berrow caught up with Lars Malcharek, eSports Coordinator at GIANTS Software who developed Farming Simulator… he actually organised this first ever Farming Simulator league…

Chris - If you think about the game and the community and that's what I hope we can do now there's been some criticism... I know you didn't watch Fortnite but there's been some criticism of Fortnite and other sports as well people say well you know it's not really a sport. Isn't it sad and stuff that I obviously don't think that. I think it's a great thing. But what do you say to people who are kind of saying why are you doing farming simulator leagues online. Shouldn't you be doing something else?

Lars - I personally don't agree. No I think having competitive gaming is something that people love. All right. When I was super young I played Street Fighter against my friends at home or WWF wrestling or anything. Obviously people love watching other players play against each other. BD fortnight all league of legends or whatever. I mean games are made to have fun and if people watching it are having fun then I think we do the right thing. And that's exactly where we stand with farming simulator or with farming to Major League. It obviously is the right thing to do.

Chris - Talk us through the winners there was that one person who stood out from the sexual championships this league or was in a various different winners in various different events.

Lars - The winning team was Trevor Borg and I think it was because of their leader Felix. He is a very young guy but he's very clever and has a really really good player. He came just up with strategies that worked so well that he could beat everyone else. There was a French team competing. They were called SDL and when they started playing no one knew them before they came out of nothing and started beating everyone. They were so good and they lost against Trevor Borg. Just because Felix came up with a fantastic strategy to beat them and it worked. And afterwards he taught me look I knew that it either works or we lose. Within two minutes. But you know it is what it is.

Chris - Finally your plans for the future. Are you going to come back next year. I know we obviously just in the recent aftermath of it and you probably won a few days off and everything that. Are you going to come back with this?

Lars - I think we will. So this league is running for a year and we have the what we call a world championship even if it's technically more a European competition right now next summer and then afterwards we're going to look into this and see did it work. Did people enjoy it. Did people like it. Do we still have sponsors backing up because without sponsors we'll be a little bit hard to maintain everything. But our plan is to keep this for the foreseeable future.

Wood shavings

15:35 - Woodwork Simulator

It's a brand new simulator... wood you give Woodwork Simulator a go?

Woodwork Simulator
John Duffill, designer of Woodwork Simulator

This month… announced on Twitter… it’s Woodwork Simulator. Yes really!

Irregular Corporation who designed the game say “Saw. Drill. Lathe. Chisel. Construct. You walnut believe what you can create!”

John Duffill is a fan of this show, he’s been involved in a sailing simulator called Sail Away… PC Building Simulator… and he actually designed this latest release… Woodwork Simulator. He spoke to Chris Berrow.

John - We tried to sort of make it as realistic as we could really in terms of being able to make things out of wood which was quite a technical challenge. You will eventually have all the tools at your disposal. The moment we've got all the hand tools you've got a saw and you've got a plane and chisel and you've got wood glue and you with those tools you can actually make an awful lot of things.

Chris - I saw a really funny review that billed the game as like the "Dark Souls" of woodwork and stuff. You've obviously got a really good kind of tongue in cheek spirit about it, because it's like you saw a really unusual game isn't it, you know, to come up with a concept for something like this. It's just kind of unusual.

John - Yeah. I mean the concept was born out of a hobby really. I'm going to work myself was banging on about it in the office and someone jumped up and said we should do woodworking simulator. And then as a designer I was like that's a very good idea. So yeah it's all started there really. We do have some we're putting some some templates for you to make the birdhouse been the first one that you come across. So that's why you see laser birdhouses.

Chris - Seems to be going well so far you've hinted at sort of what is the actual attraction of simulation games I can understand certain ones more than others like for example if you wanted to fly a plane like flight simulator I totally get because you know you can be a pilot could you realistically fly a plane. I can actually understandable work simulator more than some of the other ones as well to be honest because how good would I be at being a carpenter without actually sort of accidentally chopping off my own fingers. Is that kind of part of that part of fun do you think here?

John - Yeah yeah I think it is. I think there's something ironic in that you know instead of actually doing the DIY in the house you are doing on a computer instead. But yeah I think people don't have time necessary to learn all of the skills to do something but they have lots of ideas in their head and they they like the idea or the way that they will run something or make something you know running a business. I think that's where they quite like the fact that they don't need to put in the hard graft to learn how to do something they can just get going and you know produce stuff and make things.


19:37 - Goat Simulator

Is it worth buying the cult hit Goat Simulator if you've never played it before?

Goat Simulator
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming

There are a few simulators that we have to mention… Train Driving Simulator… The Sims obviously… and what I would describe as a cult hit… Goat Simulator.

Chris Berrow makes Leigh Milner play... an unusual simulator.

Leigh - All right so on the menu screen you can see a town. L is run X to jump and run on the wall. Okay. Yay, I'm a dopey goat. I'll call him Billy. Right. Say another goat. Hi goat. What I if I hit him.Oh oh oh. Oh it's not getting up. My tongue is now stuck on the other goat's bum. What kind of game is this.

Chris - I'm just going to weigh in at this point and just tell you that you don't have to stay within the pen.

Leigh - I think I've killed my guy. There's like a control you can press which is circle and it just lies around on the ground and it looks well your guy looks dead so hitting your head on every single fence doesn't work. Okay. Oh.
He makes noises. How do I do that. Okay I'm out of the pen. I don't know how I did that. So this is where I cause disaster. Okay. I'm running on the highway and chasing a truck. I'm hoping that my tongue sticks to the truck. Whoa. Just caused the car crash. Okay. There's a bunch of protesters.

Chris - Try jumping which is X. That's how you got the fence for future reference.

Leigh - Oh no. I just. I just killed somebody I'm not standing on somebody I'm standing on the protestor and she's twitching... it's not looking good.

Chris - And I'm just going to do one more thing to add to your Goat Simulator experience... which is something I only discovered the other day which is that you can add a jetpack onto your goat for no reason the tool. 

Leigh - Oh my goodness. He does fly. Oh. So if you press triangle it flies. I'm now looking down on the city. That's fly again. I tried jumping over a sun lounger. Now I'm in the sea. I'm not even touching the controls. Put the controls down.

Chris - I think we just need to stop the game right there and turn it off. It sounds like you had fun though with that.

Leigh - I loved it. I think it's more entertainment than actually serious gaming. It's not really a game game is it's more like a sandbox you play for about 20 minutes then that's it. So as long as it's for is it free.

Chris - No.  I would say you pay about 10 quid.

Leigh - You spent that money we could've gone out for dinner on that...

A playstation controller

23:26 - Review - Sky: Children of the Light

The latest release from the makers of Journey is beautiful, by would you play it on mobile?

Review - Sky: Children of the Light
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Sky: Children of the Light.

Chris - Time to look at new releases, this month the makers of Journey released their latest game Sky: Children of the Light… which hit 1 million downloads in the first 5 days of release.


If you haven’t played Journey before this was visually very similar... it’s a beautiful game, you character can’t speak… you go across epic landscapes with amazing music, and you can jump and fly around… coming across other players…

Leigh - I absolutely love this game. 

Chris - How would you play it for ?

Leigh - Just about 15 minutes. That's all I had time for. But I saw the graphics are beautiful.

Chris - It's such a well I think it's the most beautiful mobile game I've ever played.

Leigh - The sound is fantastic and it actually tells you right the start. It has a little sign which says something like music is 50 percent of the game. I wanted to carry on playing it and I normally download a game and then delete it. Yeah. And this one's actually stayed on. So it's free to play but basically you unlock musical instruments hairstyles different levels leave messages for other players. You can even invite your own friends to play with you make friends and and you get candles you're the candles thing is interesting.

Chris - It seems like quite a positive game you know candles can be converted into hearts and then you can use them to buy hairstyles as it gets further down the line some of the levels get a bit darker. So if you're young the younger side you might be actually quite scared by this as I found them quite scary to be honest with you at the controls. How did you find them because I found them fiddly to start. Now I know you were quite easy. Luckily they were fiddly. I think before they did an update but that update has improved them loads and it's just it's really really good. Why would you give it out. I mean I'm going for a really strong nine of 10 for this. And the fact that it's free to play as well. I mean you can spend money buying candles and getting season passes risk gives you challenges. But you know 9 out of 10.

Leigh - I'm harder to please. 8 out of §0. 

Chris - Go and get it now. Free to play on Apple devices.

A playstation controller

25:54 - Review - Effie

Platformer Effie looks beautiful in the trailer, but does it play as well?

Review - Effie
Leigh Milner & Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review Effie...

Chris - The next new release is called Effie developed by Inverge Studios. It's a 3D action adventure game a bit like Zelda but you play as someone who looks like a Viking. You can skateboard on a magical shield. I mean what else could you want. 

Voiceover - A story. About a beautiful red metal. Magical. Valuable treasure. Here some. Reach. An old man. His magic shield. And a wicked witch!

Chris - So it looks amazing in the trailer which is why I decided to buy this game. I didn't actually ask you to play it because it was so bad. And the reason why is because it's like a really basic basic platform game. And I got immediately annoyed because they spelt the word disappointment wrong. Grammar police grammar police! And then the main character this kind of Viking guy. He kept saying "I felt an urge within me". What does that mean. Stop feeling an urge within you. And then there was a moment way it says our hero "treaded" on the tile on the floor and it's like no he trod on the tile so it's just a little grammar mess. I'm really annoyed about the grammar.  Effie incidentally is the girl that you're telling this story to. But it took about an hour to get through the tutorial level escaping from some kind of temple or other... then I got to the skateboarding bit on the shield. Yeah. As a Viking sounds amazing through like a red beautiful flowery meadow which was amazing. Like really fast pace. But then you went to the really boring platforming everywhere you ended up. So that amazing bit was counteracted by the fact that the rest of it was really boring. He's telling his I think it's his child Effie the story of how he became a legend essentially by the fireplace. There's weird ghost bad guys that you have to fight you can't grab onto certain ledges but you can grab onto other ones which doesn't make any sense.

Leigh - So what you're saying Chris is that this is rubbish.

Chris - What I'm saying is I saved you from playing this game.

Leigh - So How much was it.

Chris- £15 quid. It was like 15 words.

Leigh - You spend all of our money finding rubbish games disgraceful.

Chris - 3 out of 10 maybe even 2 out of 10. Maybe for the kids only. I would recommend instead to play Prince of Persia Sands of Time which is a much better platformer but it's out now. PS4 for £15.99 actually coming later this year to Steam as well.

A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders

28:45 - Retro Revival - RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

Can anyone beat 1,012 guests in the first level of Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic?

Retro Revival - RollerCoaster Tycoon Classic

Chris Berrow lays down the gauntlet for Alex Rhodes. Can he get more than 1,012 guests in his park by the end of year 1 in Forest Frontiers, from the new version of Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic?

Alex - Okay we seem to be having a bit of a vomit crisis at the park, but what I have learned is not only just how to hire the handymen who clean up the sick, but also you can rename them! So I've got to set their duties just to vomit scrubbing. And I've named them Chris and Leigh. Funds are running low. I'm down to around £2,600 Pounds, so it's time for drastic measures! The most sinister of all techniques. Oh yes. Charging to go to the toilet. Two pounds a pop. Two pounds to spend a penny baby!

The rest of the park is just in disarray. September. I'm never gonna do it at this rate. Chris and Leigh, the handymen, are doing a terrible job. The vomit is building up all over the place, especially around the rollercoaster. Oh it's finished. Ah 493. That's not even half of what Chris got. Oh it's so annoying. How did you do this. How did he press so many people in here. I'm not happy with that. I'm not happy with that at all. I mean I passed the level, but not by a massive amount. You win this round Chris. You win this round...


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