Simulator Special 3: This Time It's Personal!

Pope Simulator is on the horizon and Houseparty is all the rage, so we look at the best and worst simulators!
21 April 2020
Presented by Chris Berrow, Leigh Milner with Alex Rhodes. 
Production by Chris Berrow.


A haircut gone wrong


Join the (still happily married, even after haircut-gate) Chris Milner-Berrow and Leigh Milner-Berrow for fun and games. Leigh trains to become a hairdresser using BarberShopHaircut, and then genuinely cuts Chris's hair. It doesn't go well. We discuss Pope Simulator, and a coffee and talking simulator called... Coffee Talk. New releases include Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Retro Revival is the very scary Resident Evil 3. And our very own "Tiger King" Alex Rhodes plays Baby Tiger Care, channelling Joe Exotic. BAFTA winners 2020, gaming v coronavirus take two... I mean what else could you possibly want?

In this episode

An artist's interpretation of a coronavirus particle.

Coronavirus impacts on the gaming industry
Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

We’ve heard of panic buying toilet roll, and in our case gin… but some people have been panic buying Nintendo Switches… the Naked Gaming Podcast has seen the consoles listed on Game for £1000, and on Amazon for £500… it looks like everyone really wants to play Animal Crossing New Horizons...

The Last of Us II has been delayed indefinitely because of coronavirus…  PlayStation confirmed the news on Twitter saying they have "made the difficult decision to delay the launch... until further notice... the global crisis is preventing us from providing the launch experience our players deserve."

As soon as we have a new release date, we’ll let you know.

Coronavirus has also affected FFVII Remake… but in what you might possibly call a positive way… the company behind the game sent out physical copies earlier than the release date… to try and make sure they arrived on time...  so some people actually got to play it early. Gutted if you bought it digitally. Like me.

Sporting events have been cancelled across the world, so athletes have been turning to computer games… to compete.

The Virtual Bahrain Grand Prix was held online in the F1 2019 game... featuring several current and former Formula 1 drivers… like Lando Norris... and Esteban Gutierrez… Charles LeClearc won the Virtual Australian Grand Prix, after practicing for 5 hours a day. Well what else is he going to do with all that spare time. 

But wait there’s more!

Three of the UK's leading video games developers are displaying coronavirus safety advice in their games.
Candy Crush Saga, Dirt Rally 2.0 and Sniper Elite 4 are just some of the games that will feature messages like “stay at home, save lives”.

And Sony is also encouraging people to stay at home… by launching their #PlayAtHome campaign… and they are giving people free games.
They say “#PlayAtHome with Journey and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection - free until May 5 at PlayStation Store”

Woman sitting in the window

07:48 - How is gaming helping with isolation?

Find out how playing games can help combat loneliness during isolation

How is gaming helping with isolation?
Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

Join Leigh Milner as she looks at how gaming in isolation can help. (Click link below for video)

A picture of a trophy

10:09 - BAFTA Games Awards 2020: Winners

Who were the big winners and losers at the Gaming BAFTAS 2020?

BAFTA Games Awards 2020: Winners
Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast

Outer Wilds has won the prestigious “Best Game” prize at the 16th annual Bafta Games Awards...

You find yourself on a planet with 22 minutes on the clock before the local sun goes supernova and kills you. I’ve had worse days at work.
The title's writer Kelsey Beachum gave credit to players saying: "Word of mouth has been essential in getting people to play the game, you're all really beautiful"'
Thanks, I know!


Hideo Kojima creator of the Metal Gear franchise, was honoured with the Bafta Fellowship - the highest accolade the organisation can give.
But his latest release, Death Stranding, which was nominated for 11 awards... won just one for technical achievement…


There was more disappointment for adventure game Control… one of our favourites!
It also had a record 11 nominations going into the event and only won once... for the performer in a supporting role category. Looks like “seize” the game’s ability, where you can control other people’s minds... didn’t work on the judging panel


Untitled Goose Game won best family game… despite the main character being an anti-social goose who steals from the innocent…


...and finally, one we’re excited to get our hands on when it gets released on Mac and consoles... is the PC Game Disco Elysium, which won a GAMING BAFTA for best Debut game… as well as two others.

The app Houseparty

12:58 - Houseparty: Review

Everyone and their nan is on Houseparty, so is it worth a go?

Houseparty: Review
Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris and Leigh team up with her parents and sister to go head to head in QuickDraw and a general knowledge quiz on Houseparty. 


This one is a must listen!

A playstation controller

17:24 - New PS5 Controller: DualSense

Does the new PS5 controller design look good?

New PS5 Controller: DualSense
Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner discuss the pros and cons of the new PS5 controller. With an important contribution from Alex Rhodes... 

Leigh - Controller news. PlayStation have revealed their new controller for the PS5 it's called DualSense. So the difference between PlayStation and Xbox controller, when you look at them the Xbox controller is fatter basically, isn't it? 

If we look at the new DualSense, how similar does that look to the Xbox controller? Basically you need a bigger hand to play with this, and I like the PS controller because it's quite small. It fits in your hand.

Chris - The triangle, x, circle, square buttons don't have colors on as well. In the new prototype, they're just white buttons. Look, these are some of the things it has. It has two tone color design, light bar placement, so means it's got a light bar. A built in microphone compared to having to stick one on. That's the only good thing, but they did an hour long presentation to reveal it. An hour. That's too long to reveal a controller. 

We've got our King of controllers, Alex Rhodes to give us a real in depth review.

Alex - Yeah, it looks all right.

Chris - Thanks so much for that, Alex. You took a lot of time to do that. We'll see if the release date of the PlayStation 5 is going to be delayed because of coronavirus as well. It's quite likely given the current climate, so it could be a couple of years before we get our hands on the real deal here. 


Animal Crossing being played on Nintendo Switch

19:55 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Review

Is the new Animal Crossing: New Horizons worth playing?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Review
Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner review the latest Animal Crossing game... 

Leigh - so this is quite a cartoony game where they say "escaped to a deserted island and creates your own paradise as you explore, create and customise".

Chris - You've seen Duplo, the characters look like that.

Leigh - It's a bit like Sims in a way.

Chris - Is there any point to it... that's what I'm struggling with.

Leigh - Well I've been speaking to a few people who play this. What it does well is it connects people. That's pretty good. 

Chris - Yeah, I think I'm going to give it an eight out of 10 even though it's not for me because I can see why everybody likes it. 

Leigh - I'm with you on that. You can buy it on Nintendo Switch for £50.

Cloud from Final Fantasy VII

22:19 - Final Fantasy VII Remake: Review

It's finally here! (Well part 1 is finally here). So how is FFVII: Remake?

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Review
Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner discuss the latest remake of Final Fantasy VII...

Chris -  I've recently played Final Fantasy 7 the original and it's so good. Anyway because of the story and even though it's really old and it's quite blocky, but the art is there. It really creates the kind of the atmosphere. If you've never played it before, go and play the original and then come back and play this new one. The graphics are better. Okay. Actually I wouldn't have cared that much. The voice acting and the scripting has been massively improved. 

They've got proper voice actors. It sounds amazing. We've talked about this... when we played the demo instead of taking turns and eventually getting bored of pressing X all the time... so "yes, I won. Well done me." It's realtime combat now. So you can run around, you can block, you can hack and slash your way to victory. One of the biggest changes is absolutely huge and you'd think, they're messing with something that's a part of people's childhoods. But it's better. They're going to lose some points here. And the only reason why is because they've released part one of this remake and they've turned six hours of the original game to about 40 hours.

The next part's coming out at some point. And it's quite frustrating. It's a very badly handled release. But anyway, the game is great. The release pattern is terrible, but it's going to get a 9 out of 10 just for the quality of the content. It's out on PS4 for 60 quid. But you know it's beautiful. So why wouldn't you get it? 

A playstation controller

25:05 - Retro Revival: Resident Evil 3

Is the latest Resident Evil remake (3) any good?

Retro Revival: Resident Evil 3
Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris and Leigh review the remake of Resi 3.

Chris - Basically it's exactly like Resident Evil 2 the remake. So really good. Really polished. Really smooth. Except for it's more scary. You start off in a sort of first person view, you know you're in your room and she looks in the mirror and everything goes horrendously wrong. And then she wakes up from a dream. There's a few stutters in the graphics. The fundamental problem I have with Resident Evil games is that when you shoot a zombie in the head, it doesn't just die. It takes four shots. And I think come on. Every film and thing we've ever watched in the Walking Dead... but anyway, apart from that and apart from the fact that the knife is pointless, it's really good. So I'd say a 7 out of 10 for now.

Resident Evil 3 is out now on PS4, PC and Xbox One for 50 quid. So it's a little bit pricey. But if you can't wait to play it again, then go for it. 

The pope

27:13 - Pope Simulator: Preview

Would you play the latest simulator to be announced... Pope... Simulator?

Pope Simulator: Preview
Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris & Leigh preview Pope Simulator. 

The trailer has only just come out. It's called Pope Simulator.


Leigh - Does it have the Pope Mobile in it?

Chris - How could it not? The game begins on conclave day when the College of Cardinals select a new Pope, that's you Leigh Milner!

Leigh - The white smoke rises.

Chris - You'd have to be a man though. That's the way they roll. Maybe this is the new postmodern Pope Simulator... so you choose a coat of arms... you can organize pilgrimages and wield the influence of the Vatican it says, so just in case you're wondering, keep an eye out for a Pope Simulator coming soon. 

A haircut gone wrong

28:36 - BarberShopHaircut: Review

Can playing BarberShopHaircut on your phone prepare you for cutting someones's hair in real life? (no).

BarberShopHaircut: Review
Naked Gaming Podcast

Leigh plays BarberShopHaircut and then cut's Chris's hair in real life. 

A tiger

33:58 - Baby Tiger Care: Review

Can Alex Rhodes become the "Tiger King"?

Baby Tiger Care: Review
Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast

Alex Rhodes reviews Baby Tiger Care, and tries to become the "Tiger King". 

This one is a must listen!


38:47 - Coffee Talk: Review

Would you play a game where you make mythical creatures cups of coffee? If so, Coffee Talk is for you!

Coffee Talk: Review
Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris & Leigh review Coffee Talk. 

Chris - So how did you find it? What's your rating out of 10 what do you think?

Leigh - Well, you said it was very calming. I could just put on my tunes and have a relaxing time with my playlist.

Chris - Would you listen to the soundtrack?

Leigh - Yeah. I've actually already Shazammed it. So coffee talk is available now on all platforms, but gameplay-wise it's a zero big fat 0 from me. 

A playstation controller

44:60 - Speaking Simulator: Review

It's one of the most bizarre ideas for a game ever, is Speaking Simulator worth playing?

Speaking Simulator: Review
Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow reviews Speaking Simulator... 

Chris - As a radio DJ I thought I would be quite good at Speaking Simulator. So I'm the perfect person to play it. You're a alien robot thing that's turned up on earth and you have to pretend that you're a human. You have to try and get away with having conversations with other people.

You have to press certain buttons to get your tongue to move. You have to use the left analog stick. It's quite funny. I was going to play a lot of this, but it was so boring. After the first three minutes, I just had to switch off and delete the game. It's kind of like surgeon simulator. You're not really supposed to win the game. It's just supposed to be funny. Unlike Goat Simulator, which is entertaining for a bit longer. I love goat simulator, but this was too short lived.

So it's getting a 2 out of 10... Speaking Simulator is now available though one Switch, PC and Mac, and it's 15 quid. 


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