Studying eSports

Would you study eSports at university?
20 September 2019
Presented by Chris Berrow, Leigh Milner
Production by Chris Berrow, Leigh Milner.


Gamers sitting opposite each other at a competition.


As university beckons for students, we hear about a new eSports degree. And hear from the UK’s most successful Fortnite player Wolfiez, as he goes back to school as a millionaire! New reviews include Gears of War 5, Borderlands 3 and Control. Plus for Retro Revival we’re looking at World of Warcraft Classic, and the latest Tamagotchis. With Chris Berrow and Leigh Milner. 

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A picture of a trophy

04:35 - The International Results

Who won DOTA 2's massive competition The International?

The International Results
Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

With the biggest prize pool in competitive gaming history… The International is a competition  in the game DOTA 2 (which by the way is short for Defense of the Ancients)… How much money?

$34 million dollars. First prize was taken by the European team OG DOTA… who became the first ever back-to-back champions of The International.


It’s fair to say the commentators were excited...

The best-of-five finals saw OG DOTA take the series three-to-one over their rivals Team Liquid.

First prize was $15.6 million dollars.

Team Liquid in second place took home nearly $4 and a half million dollars, so not bad.

The winners will have their names engraved on the Aegis of Champions… a trophy that’s shaped like a shield and made of bronze and silver, a prize which money can’t buy. Unless you want a replica off of eBay... for £100 quid.

Playstation buttons

06:15 - What should you call the "X" Button

Playstation put the cat amongst the pigeons, revealing what you should call the "X" button.

What should you call the "X" Button
Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow - This is my favourite pointless controversy this month… What would you call the buttons on the Playstation controller? Triangle, Circle... Square and…

Leigh Milner - "X"

Chris - Well according to Playstation the X button is actually called “cross”.

From their official Twitter account:


If Cross is called X (it's not), then what are you calling Circle?”

Leigh - Lots of people were very "X" about this…

Chris - My favourite reply was from one tweeter, who renamed the buttons pizza slice, pizza, pizza box and no pizza…. But Playstation are adamant that X should be called “cross”

Leigh - So now we know.

Gamers sitting opposite each other at a competition.

07:22 - eSports Degree

Would you study eSports at university?

eSports Degree
Matt Huxley, eSports lecturer at the Digital Institute in London

Leigh Milner - As students prepare for university this month, it might feel like playing games will have to take a back seat. But not if you’re studying for an eSports degree!

Chris Berrow -  Matt Huxley is a lecturer in eSports for Staffordshire University… he’ll be teaching this course at the newly opened Digital Institute in London… interestingly he also used to be a member of the GFinity eSports team…

Leigh - So what does the course involve?

Matt Huxley - One of the things that we kind of say from the outset and in a lot of the material is they won't be playing games on this course. That's not to say that we don't have an incredible array of equipment that they can use all in their free time. But there is there's no you know the course itself and the degree that they'll be coming out with covers no actual gameplay. So instead we're looking at all the broadcast elements either being in front of the camera so that's through you know casting through interviewing through hosting. But equally that's all the positions that lie behind it. So if you're the producer a vision mixer audio you know we have all that and equally in the same vein actually we've sort of invested very very heavily in the technology side so that the equipment that the students will be using is the cutting edge stuff that we just brought energy Finnerty recently and I was kind of floored that I was thinking wow like a lot of sports companies out there haven't got the eq uipment that we're actually training these people on. So in terms of that you know ready for the future I think. I think that's really that.

Chris - I'm sure that parents who are listening to this will be happy that you said that because I can imagine that if your child comes to you. You know it's fresh out of school and says Right. I want to do a degree in a sports that your first thought would be well they're going to be playing computer games all the time. Do you have to try and reassure parents that actually this is the sort of legitimate career nowadays because this is still very new to some people.

Matt - I think absolutely. I think you know it will always. It will always have that initial you know people always take it being with computer games. You know what. You know if somebodies son or daughter came to them and said they wanted to work in the film industry you're not Amelie gonna be like well you'll never get to be an actor. You know it if you if you think of film industry or the music industry there's thousands of jobs studios people that work on graphics and you know tertiary sort of industries that relate around it

Chris - The other jobs that build up those markets to be profitable interesting so those jobs are there then in your experience that actually with a degree that would help you get a job. And actually there are enough available jobs in this sector because that's an interesting thing for me is that you know how many jobs are they really available.

Matt - Oh yeah I think it's it's one thing that EA Sports really does well is that it's kind of borderless a lot in its approach. It can make things very open. So there's a lot of availability for people to work in sort of many places as well. And there's a lot of remote working.

Chris - It's something I noticed about the fortnight championships that we had recently and this has been written about a lot in the press actually that there was no female gamers in the top 100 who were actually competing for the big prize. Do you think that more people would be encouraged to perhaps study and I'm talking about female gamers particularly to study something like a degree in a sports and maybe I don't know feel like they have that degree backing behind them to then take that further into becoming the players of the future.

Matt - There's room massive room for it to improve and hopefully with with degrees such as this. And obviously universities such as ours run in issues like women in tech and things like that to try and kind of get that you know participation wider in the STEM fields. And hopefully it's an environment that yeah we have we have a more sort of different background of people to bring their opinions too.

A gamer at a computer

11:50 - Millionaire gamer goes back to school

After coming second in the Fortnite World Cup, Wolfiez goes back to school

Millionaire gamer goes back to school
Jaden Ashman, AKA Wolfiez

Jaden Ashman, also known as Wolfiez, who played in the doubles of the Fortnite World Cup, and actually came second with his partner Dave Jong… so now Jaden is a millionaire! It’s an amazing story, and he did it with a controller… Because he’s 15 years old, he’s actually going back to school… So Leigh Milner went to meet him and his mum Lisa as he was getting ready!

Lisa - Jaden what do you want for breakfast?

Jaden - Coco Pops

Leigh - With almost a million pounds in the bank, it's time to go back to school for 15 year old gamer. Jaden Ashman also known as Wolfiez online won his fortune after coming second in the doubles of the first ever Fortnite World Cup. Well over 40 million gamers attempted to qualify but only a hundredth battled it out for a total prize pots of 30 million. Sitting at the breakfast table with his mum Lisa... Jaden told me that the first thing he bought with the winnings was a house for his mum and he's already thinking about a brand new game room.

Jaden - When I get my house I'm going to do what my gaming room. Just make it all really nice. Probably separate from my sleep and so we have a we've got a shed out back. But we're gonna just do up into a full game remove organs and everything. It's gonna be like a game as paradise here. Exactly.

Leigh - So you want to pursue a future in gaming. What about school though because isn't it GCSE year.

Jaden - Yeah but I'm gonna carry on going to school and my house is lit to rise up my school so I can run our bed and go to school.

Leigh - Is schooling still as important even though you've won all that money.

Jaden - Yeah, because even though I've won a million it's not going to hold me for the rest of my life.

Leigh - So now said this must have been so hard for you as a mum because plenty parents would have said you know come on you spent too much time on the console even threw me out at one point. How do you feel though now after his success

Lisa - Everything's up in the air you know routines out the window but he is going back to school and Jayden knows that his GCSE's are important. So we're going to have to have some sort of structure into this guy and he's not going to be able to play the game when he wants he will have to go to bed at a reasonable time because a lot of mums and dads will be thinking you know he's done so well. Jaden recognised early on that you had a talent for the game. I didn't see it I wasn't interested in seeing it because all I see was this plan a computer game and he's wasting his time. You know he should be focusing on school but now I do take the time you know I have a look. I'm even thinking about opening a Twitter account and Instagram so it's not OK.

Leigh - How proud of Jaden are you.

Lisa - I am really proud of the way that Jaden's handled it all. I think he's been amazing. I think he's literally I don't think he's changed one bit. 

Leigh - Today is Jaden's first day back at school and it seems his friends are impressed.

Friends - I'm quite proud of him. Yeah like he's worked hard for any dessert. He's done very well. Well we know that quite a lot of money. I was watching it tournament myself. What do you make of his performance. I'm ready. Good.

Leigh - To the outside world. He's a gaming superstar. But inside the classroom he's just a 15 year old boy studying for his future.

Facial recognition

16:28 - Scanning your likeness into a game

One selfe and you could appear in a game, but would you want to?

Scanning your likeness into a game
Timmu Toke, founder of Wolf3D

Wolf3D are a company who can make in-game avatars just from one selfie, and the character ends up looking exactly like you! But with improvements they say… I’d get my character to wear sunglasses all the time because I think that’s cool, what would you have? Well because of the recent announcement of games like Cyberpunk 2077 which features a video game version of Keanu Reeves, and Death Stranding which has the legendary Norman Reedus from the Walking Dead as the lead character, how good is this sort of technology, and what will it be used for in the future? Timmu Toke founder of Wolf3D... told Chris Berrow how they create an avatar!

Timmu - We have super high quality database and now we're just using deep learning to predict based on a single photo with your 3D face it's gonna look like what you think people nowadays especially want to have their likenesses in games because you know historically it just wasn't possible to do this kind of thing you know be truly represented. I think people actually don't want to have exactly that likeness. They want to have kind of a version of themselves like a better version of themselves. Like their social media profiles. If you're comparing you want it to be something that you could recognize just as yourself but you also want to have the customization and the ability to edit it and stylized it. So it's kind of an ideal version of herself. I think you know people naturally already have very tight connections with their game characters. But but having your own likeness they're recognizing you as a version of herself would only increase that.

Chris - There's a lot of big games that are coming out very soon. Like for example Death Stranding where basically you know celebrities and actors and you know big big names are being put into games and then their voice is being used in the game as well. You've got essentially what looks like them acting in your game. Do you think that this is the way the games are going nowadays that the big names can actually lend quite a lot to a game. Would you think it's a strange move at this stage.

Timmu - Yeah I mean sure it is. It feels like a two way to go like in a more interactive way with the celebrities who are you know through our screens from you know movies and so forth. It feels like a natural way. It becomes easier to bring them into the experiences then. Then why not. And actually actors have been scanned and kind of digitized for decades already. It's kind of Ethnology in Hollywood has existed for a while but it just requires a lot of hardware a lot of scanners and a lot of manual labour.

A female gamer

20:31 - #VisibleWomen

What can you do to get into gaming? We hear from one woman who got into the industry after university.


Earlier this month #visiblewomen was trending on twitter, highlighting women who are prominent in male-dominated industries.

Chris Berrow has been speaking to Cari Watterton who’s a user experience designer with a games company called Puny Astronaut in Dundee, looking at menus and interfaces in games… and says "game jams" are a really good way of learning the ropes...

Cari - So it's an event that you'll go to. It's usually equate student friendly where you're given a stimulus and you have to respond to that stimulus within 48 hours and create a game it's always have to be a game. It can be an interactive experience. Things like that but typically it's a game. So one thing that happens over years the global game jam that happens in January I think it's like usually around the 22nd and that happens on a global scale. There's like hundreds of countries that compete and it's great it's really cool because we get the theme in Scotland and the UK and it's like you can't talk about the theme until Hawaii gets it. So it's like you got to wait eight hours until they've got it. Yeah. And you just have these teams of people and you can either go in with your own team or you can go as a solo person get picked up by a group of people and it's a fantastic opportunity to learn new things. And it's just it's so much fun as well because you a lways end up with something at the end of it being usually you're up all night and you get free pizza and everyone's completely dead by the last day. Thought you're submitting has 101 bugs in it and it's just it's just a fantastic experience.

Chris - Yeah like you say you kind of end up with something at the end of it. You know portfolio-wise if you especially feel starting out it can be really good.

Cari - Mm hmm. Absolutely yeah. I've done I've done a number of game jams one of the best ones that I've done has been the Murray game jam which is actually from where I'm from originally and they they have two categories. They have a digital game and a board game and I've only ever done the board game ones because I didn't know any programmers at the time it just stuck with me and I actually the first year that we went we want it. Oh yeah. And we got to as the prize go down to the UK Games Expo in 2016. Exhibit the game and pitch it to publishers and all that stuff and it was a fantastic experience for a group of teenagers to go and do that was great. Yeah and it's awesome.

Chris - You're obviously on the younger side of your career in the earlier years and things like that. What would you say to people who may be sort of about to get to where you are and kind of what to do.

Cari - To me I think it depends what kind of discipline you're gonna go into. So for my discipline which is you own your wax if you have a strong graphic design background then that's really good. I've seen a lot of people like professionals in the industry who've started off with graphic design but I think going to game jams because there are loads running all the time is a really good way to sort of get a foothold in the industry. I think just speaking to people and making connections I found some of the best feedback that I got was when I reached out to other user interface artists that I admired and was like Can I show you my portfolio and what I've got. Can you give me some tips on how to advance and what to do. I don't feel like I'm at the stage where I can give proper feedback to people because I have so little experience. One of the best things was actually getting in touch with those people who had been part of the hiring process and who were able to say yeah we look for this kind of stuff and you probably want to work on this and present this differently.

A playstation controller

Review – Gears Of War 5
Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Let’s start with Gears of War 5, which has been a long time coming… is this finally an Xbox game worth playing?


Chris Berrow - I can answer that question… no...

The thing is Gears of War 1 and Gears of War 2 were probably some of the best games I've ever played. I remember at "A Level" time playing that game and preferring gaming over doing my A-levels! Oh sorry, we're on air now, but I loved it!

But then a new company took over. They've added in is 3 player co-op instead of two player. So if you want to play with three people I recommend it. There's new modes, there's something called Escape, which means that you're trying to essentially survive and get out of an area.

The graphics are the same though as the last game - a bit too colourful - like in the first games there were dark, gritty, quite shiny. It created that atmosphere and now it's a bit more cartoony and everything looks a bit dull at the same time, so I didn't like the graphics on it.

The training mission took about an hour. I could be bothered to do the campaign and the worst thing is that the voice acting was all rubbish, and I could do a better job. I could do Marcus Fenix "there's a locust behind you". Anyway I didn't like it that much.

If you liked Gears of War 3 and 4, then this is the game for you and you'll probably love it and you'll give it an 8 out of 10.

It cost 2 pounds, which is the good thing about it. Because if it still you can get it with the X Box Ultimate Subscription - you sign up and you can download loads and loads of games and they're doing a special deal where you can have it for the first two months and we're in month 2 now for 2 pounds a month.

Okay that then runs out, but you can cancel at any time. So I wouldn't recommend it particularly here. I would say 3 out of 10. I didn't enjoy it at all. That's a very unpopular opinion I know. But if you didn't like Gears of War 4 You ain't going to like this one. It's out now though on Xbox and Windows 10, and it's got that classic online multiplayer if that's your thing.

A playstation controller

30:59 - Review – Borderlands 3

Is the latest Borderlands game worth playing?

Review – Borderlands 3
Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

You may remember they released an incense burner in the shape of one of the bad guys from Borderlands 3 called The Rampager… if you missed that listen back to our July edition for a roundup of the worst gaming merchandise of all time!

So is the latest Borderlands game any good?

Chris Berrow - Well this is an interesting one so I played this game completely and utterly in co-op with your sister when she was staying. We played for about 3 hours and we loved it. It was interesting to get her opinion on it as well. Basically I think personally it's better than Borderlands 1 and 2. It's very funny.

Leigh Milner - I remember it now. Yeah can really I really want to play this.

Chris - The gunplay is very good as well. The co-op mode is superbly done. If you want local couch co-op get this game. Honestly it gets the humor right like the Telltale version of Borderlands that you can play on your phone which I really recommend as well. That's very story driven. This is just as funny as that. The only complaint that we had in about three hours was that when you first get in a car and drive around it's not great to control... but apart from that the actual first person shooter element of it is really excellent, the guns are a lot of fun to use. I was playing as a character who could summon basically a massive "skag" as it's called which looked like a huge fat Bailey the rabbit. We called it dogdo. So we played with doggo and it was so much fun. 

Leigh - Honestly what would you give out a 10? 

Chris - Well I was really going to give it 7 but I would say actually I'm going to give it an 8 out of 10 because just thinking about it now it's got a lot of great gameplay in it. It's not an essential purchase this month because there's so many games to get hold of which we'll come on to, but a lot of fun to be had there. Borderlands 3 is out now on PlayStation 4 Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.


A playstation controller

32:50 - Review – Astral Chain

If you have a Nintendo Switch, should you buy Astral Chain?

Review – Astral Chain
Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Brand new this month is a game called Astral Chain, but is it any good?

Chris Berrow - So Astral Chain you haven't really seen this one. So it's very story driven. It's like a hack and slasher, but with a really good story which is very unusual. And you've got this thing called a legion which is basically like a pet. But it's like a sort of alien pet.

So the "astral chain" is the chain that controls it and you summon it. And when you're fighting the bad guys... it's you and your legions almost like swinging round this chain together, and you can use your legion to sort of encircle bad guys and lock them up and stuff together.

It's really good. I didn't think this was going to be that good a game but this has probably overtaken Zelda: Breath of the Wild as actually the game I played the most this month - the combat's amazing... the running inside is a bit awkward there's there's a lot of weird stuff in the game - I want to mention a few the odd things... so there's a toilet paper fairy in the toilet. And if you give it toilet paper it's happy.

There's a thing called "Lappy" the dog where a female character dresses up as the mascot of the police station "Lappy" the dog and it's just really odd. It is bizarre.

The thing I didn't like was that the lips don't move to the English translation of the game. So it's like a Japanese game. And you think they've done so much to make it incredible... why not just do that last final hurdle.

The detective elements as well are very much like a game called LA Noir which is one of my favorite games. And that's just a little bonus on top of all the combat.

So you're kind of solving cases... you're a police officer... it's over the shoulder camera stuff like that.

There's only one grammar mistake in this game and they say "worse comes to worse" instead of "worst comes to worst". Grammar police I know I know.

Leigh - So what would you give it out of 10?

Chris - Honestly this game is a must buy for the Switch. Despite the things that I've said that I don't like about it I'll give it a 9 out of 10 now. That's because it is greater than the sum of its parts. So individual elements are fine but when they're knitted together to create the game it's a real game experience to me honestly. I played this more than Zelda. This is actually taken over I think I'm going to want to go back and play on the most difficult mode as well so Astral Chain is out now on Nintendo Switch. And if you want to get it definitely get really good.

A playstation controller

37:14 - Review – Pokemon Masters

Should you download the latest free-to-play Pokemon game - Pokemon Masters?

Review – Pokemon Masters
Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast

Alex Rhodes reviews the latest Pokemon game - Pokemon Masters.

This isn't why I was expecting at all. Let's just tap on Misty's face. "Ever since I teamed up with you I felt that my Pokemon and I have become closer than ever before." You are laying it on a bit thick there Misty - we've literally just met.

Welcome. Explore. Main story. With some kind of battle thing going on. "These lot are angry because it's against the rules to force a Pokemon trainer to battle when they don't want to".

Street thug is not having any of it though. Or punk girl. We're springing to the rescue there. Oh right. It's more like an RPG in the sense that you've got your characters. They each have a Pokemon - this is a real step up from Pokemon GO, it's very slick you know lots of animations going on already.

Brock attacks. That's a pretty good animation. How did your parents say Pokemon? Mine say Poke-man. This is definitely got a lot more going on. Yeah that's right street punk. Boom. Victory. Very slick really... impressed so far. One thing that's levied against Pokemon a lot is that not enough has changed and they don't really have an excuse for that because you know they could invest a lot of money.

Everyone's been crying out for a full console... proper console pokemon game. We are going to see that with the Switch now. But like they were late to the party with it and the Pokemon Copany make literally all the money in the world. Pokemon Go was the most popular app ever. They make loads on the merchandising in the anime and you know the movies that's like 50 movies with Pokemon. It's been pretty static for a long time. There is the argument if it ain't broke don't fix it. Fair enough but the same time I think this is more in the right direction... it's actually changing the formula.

So yeah I'm enjoying this Chris it's pretty good. And also you know the voice acting. That's something they generally don't have. So I'm gonna figure out see if I can change my nickname. Yeah.

Thanks I'll put me on to this one Chris. It's a solid game this and it's worth your time.

A playstation controller

41:57 - Review – Control

From the makers of Alan Wake, it's Control... could this be an undiscovered gem of a game?

Review – Control
Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow - Control is a game that is very similar to Alan Wake... third person. You go up against something called "the Hiss", which is possessing people and making them float in midair. You get something cool as an object of power, which is like a gun; you get telekinetic powers from weird things like floppy disks and a massive, large anchor. It's quite an unusual game but you actually played quite a lot of this for a while.

Leigh Milner - Yeah I wasn't very good to be honest, but I thought this was really really good. It's really good and imaginative - quite creative.

Chris - The fact that you can move things like that... I've never seen a game where you have so much power over the environment.

Leigh - Maybe that's why it's called Control?

Chris - Yes. Thank you very much. There was a bit of a weird thing with the brightness at the beginning if you remember they said there are three icons here. Make sure that the left one is invisible. There was only two icons.

Leigh - And how long did it take for you to complete this one?

Chris - You can beat the game in 12 hours, and I think I did it about twelve or thirteen hours. It's very good though. On a very rare occasion it would sort of stutter around a bit, because it couldn't quite handle it. They've just done an update which fixes that. So that's really good. If you want to take a bit longer there are side missions. The only problem this game once you finish, it's not a lot of reason to carry on playing. If you die as well, it takes a little bit of a long time to come back to life and replay. I think you found that?

Leigh - A lot games lare like there aren't they?

Chris - Because it's become more stable. I'd give it a nine out of ten. I'd be interested to know what you'd give it because I really like this.

Leigh - The only problem is, I don't rate games or give them high rates if I can't do it, or I find it hard.

Chris - Yeah.

Leigh - So I'll give this in my... Yeah I'll give it a six. It was quite hard too. It was hard for me it's quite a hard game and I get bored. Then I give up. So I think if I just get more practice maybe I'll be better and I'd give it higher.  Six out of 10 from me.

Chris - Nine for me. It's definitely worth a go. It's a bit of a sleeper hit to be honest so check it out!

A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders

44:22 - Retro Revival – World of Warcraft Classic

Have the queues subsided in Blizzard's re-release of World of Warcraft Classic?

Retro Revival – World of Warcraft Classic
Wedge from the Mana Source

Chris Berrow - The original World of Warcraft game is what people call "vanilla". That is what has been rereleased here, so World of Warcraft Classic is the vanilla version of the game. Marco tweeted us saying that the queue time to get into the game was obscene.

We're not the best people to review this game so I've drafted in Wedge from the Mana Source to be our World of Warcraft Classic correspondent. He's known for his youtube videos about Magic The Gathering the card game, but he's also had absolutely huge fan of World of Warcraft. He played you know I think he told me people like 5000 hours worth of time and that's not even as much as some of the really hardcore players.

Wedge - It's definitely not exactly the same. The game now is so much bigger than it was in vanilla, one of the biggest difference they're doing is layering servers. It was fine in '05 right, but now there's like millions of people and that's just it's not realistic. So they're putting different like instances of areas on one server, so you can go in one area and some people just disappear because they're on another like a load of that server which has turned into a really huge difference... because now people are trying to get invited to different layers where there are different amounts of people in them... and that's totally different. But the core is the same. So there's a lot of inconvenience and a lot of like ridiculous things that shouldn't exist. They were we're going back to before Blizzard learned anything, so it's kind of like rudimentary but it brings with it the difficulty that we all remember. I've put in an absurd amount of game hours and I'm like nowhere near the highest level yet. It's a difficult game and that's definitely like I would say nostalgia is the reason I started playing again but the difficulty of the game is what keeps me playing because it's just so interesting.

Chris - It's nice to actually play something that's a bit unforgiving, and I was hearing that when it first ever... in day one kind of thing people were queuing for like 10 hours well you know you put your character in the queue then you maybe go to sleep wake up and then you play once it finally loaded in. Is that still the case now?

Wedge - Is it still take ages to get in the game at like 5:00 p.m. Eastern time. Everyone's going to be playing all night so the queue is going to go down pretty slow but yeah. It's while it's completely... it's like the Wild West. You really have no idea how long it's going to take once you try to queue.

Chris - But isn't that one of the attractions of it now is that unlike games that you can play nowadays you know you can mostly do it when you want log in. They try and make it like you say quite easy to play at any time. Do you think there's something about actually the fact that you can't just get in immediately that makes you appreciate it more as a game because when you finally get there you like right... it's game time is serious now?

Wedge - Oh 100 percent. It's definitely part of the new culture. The guild I run which is quite large... that's become a part of the community is people log on and they'll share their que times and they'll be like "Oh man like I can't wait to get on" like it's this thing that they never that especially the new players who have never played this before they've never dealt with... cuz right like how many new players are coming... it's this wild experience almost like you're waiting in the line for a movie or like a ride at Disney World or something.

A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders

49:01 - Retro Revival - Zelda: Link's Awakening

The classic game Zelda: Link's Awakening has just come out, so should you buy it?

Retro Revival - Zelda: Link's Awakening
Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow - Quick mention of something that arrived today. This is Zelda: Links Awakening which is a Switch remake of the Gameboy game from 1993... did you play Zelda on the Gameboy?

Leigh Milner - That's the only game I didn't play.

Chris - This is kind of like Pokemon except that instead of the fights stoping the game and you going into the fight mode like Pokemon did, instead of that it was like real time fights so you'd slash your sword on your character in the world and it would hit the bad guy.

This is a complete remake of that and it's just come out now. I was expecting a lot more from this game than what it costs... it's priced as a full price game so you know 50 or 60 quid. It's an expensive expensive game.

It's quite laggy I was annoyed at how laggy the game was and I thought it should have been better for a rerelease that people were in waiting a long time for. So I've played for about an hour today and I think it should be better.

I did get into it eventually though but at this early stage is getting a 6 out of 10.

A group of retro game characters including Space Invaders

50:46 - Retro Revival – Doom

The classic from 1993 has been rereleased, should you buy Doom on your phone?

Retro Revival – Doom
Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow - It doesn't get much more classic than do the original first person shooter which has been rereleased this month on mobile devices.

I had actually played the original Doom from 1993. This is what I would describe as a faithful pointless remake, so they remade it exactly the same.

Okay, but I don't know why. Because the controls are awkward. Do you really want to go back and play Doom now. I mean if you want the nostalgia trip. Okay get this game it's really really cheap, like 5 pounds 99.

Does it look any better? No, it's exactly the same game. Those controls are fiddly; it feels like you're running on ice... but that was kind of like what the original was like.

It's just a pure nostalgia trip. But I don't know why you would buy this one, and I think also because it's such a such an old game... six pounds is actually quite expensive. Anyway it is out now. If you really want to play it again it's available on IOS and Android now.

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51:56 - Retro Revival – New Tamagotchis

New Tamagotchis have been released in America, we get our hands on two to see if they will get married!

Retro Revival – New Tamagotchis
Chris Berrow & Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

Leigh Milner - After the latest Tamagotchis were released a few weeks ago in America, we decided to see if our new virtual pets could be persuaded to get married to each other just like we're going to in February. Exciting times. 

Chris Berrow - Well the experience we've had with these Tamagotchi is... so just to fill you in if you missed last month's episode where the Tamagotchi has arrived after a long time. They cost 65 pounds each. Expensive. Which a lot of money. The time has come for Tamagotchi action. This is an exciting day. I've never seen somebody so keen.

Leigh - You'll need a screwdriver batteries and the instructions get going. Here we go. I can't believe that you have to put your own batteries in for starters like that's a disgrace.

Chris - Shall we read the instructions. Just carry on. Just put the batteries in. The instructions are in French. I'm English. Okay okay okay good. 

Leigh - This looks amazing. It's a bit big because it's literally the size of the palm of my hand. But it's weighty. It's quite colorful isn't it.

Chris - I'm calling mine Tammy. I was going to call mine Tammy but it takes so long to enter the name that I've just gone for Tam but that's fine.

Leigh - Oh my goodness I want to call it Bailey.

Chris - I've got an egg that's rocking left to right and now the screen's just turned off completely. What's the point in it if the battery saves by turning off the screen... Oh wow okay.

Leigh - Oh nice. Congratulations on your new Tamagotchi the graphics are amazing aren't they. To say so small compared to what it was... a little bit like Pokemon though isn't it.

Chris - Oh well I think we should go our separate ways for a bit and reconvene when they're older. What do you think?

Day three of Tamagotchi action and it's evolved again overnight. This time it actually looks like a bride. It's a white Tamagotchi with a white dress on and a white like veil. And then it's got a cloud on her head.

Leigh - When was the two poops there. I mean this has put me off kids for life.

Chris - So we're at the stage now where we're about to see if one of the tamagotchi is can propose to the other one of the tamagotchi is not going to propose. Well luckily I've already thought of this and just like in real life I've spent five hundred Gotchi points on buying a ring. There was an option in the game for me to buy a five thousand Gotchi point ring but I just thought you know five hundred was fine. Well it's not up to me as it is up to Bailey that your Tamagotchi has to decide.

Leigh - So you've got like two little infrared points at the end of the tamagotchi space let line them up and then on the screen it says waiting. And normally they connect but now they're not going to marry. These are a waste of money. What's the point. I got the Tamagotchi. I thought they could marry and have babies. And mind doesn't mine just sits there and cries.


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