Is the Xbox Series X/S worth getting?

Leigh and Chris managed to get an Xbox Series X, so should you buy it?
15 December 2020
Presented by Chris Berrow, Leigh Milner with Alex Rhodes. 
Production by Chris Berrow.


Xbox Series X


After the fiasco that was the PS5 launch, we managed to get hold of an Xbox Series X. Find out everything you need to know about Microsoft’s new consoles in one handy podcast. From unboxing to Xboxing. They can have that one. How long does it take to actually play a next generation game? Plus we talk to some of the developers who have optimised their games for the new system. Our reporter Alex (box) Rhodes attempts to play an Xbox game on a non-Xbox gaming system, and succeeds. With Leigh Milner and Chris Berrow. And Bailey the rabbit.

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01:16 - Xbox News

Leigh Milner has a roundup of the Xbox news for December

Xbox News
Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

Microsoft’s boss Satya Nadella says the company is “very, very much focused” on growing the Xbox business. During the firm’s annual shareholder meeting, he was asked how Microsoft would “win the console war” with the Playstation 5. He replied… we are “ensuring that all the three billion gamers around the world get the best content, best community and the best cloud services to power their gaming experiences’

A group called CrepChiefNotify boasted online that they had managed to order more than 1,000 Xbox Series X consoles from the retailer Very… intending to sell them on at a more expensive price. But Very responded saying they have cancelled a significant number of next-gen console orders which they believe are from the group. Take that scalpers.

The Xbox Series X and S is very backwards compatible, which means you can play almost any game that ran on the Xbox One and earlier Xbox consoles. But gamers have discovered that, through emulation software, you can also play PlayStation 2 games. And hilariously… the latest Xbox can Play More PS2 Games Than the Playstation 5. However, running unauthorized emulation software violates Microsoft’s terms and conditions… so maybe don’t try this one at home.

The new Xbox Series X box

03:08 - Unboxing the Xbox Series X

Chris Berrow unboxes the Xbox Series X and attempts to play a game.

Unboxing the Xbox Series X
Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

From unboxing to Xboxing, how long does it take to play a next generation game on the Xbox Series X?

Watch the video!

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05:42 - How powerful is the new Xbox?

How much more powerful is the Xbox Series X compared with the series S?

How powerful is the new Xbox?
Leigh Milner, Naked Gaming Podcast

Leigh Milner looks at the technology inside the latest two Xbox consoles.

Leigh Milner - Microsoft have repeatedly called it “the most powerful console ever…”

It’s £450 for the Xbox Series X, and £250 for the Series S… there’s quite a big price difference between the two models.

But why?

The Series X has 1 terabyte of storage, the S has half that. So you can’t download as many games... and the games for this next generation are BIG!

Here’s a word that you might not know - “teraflop”. If you don’t know what it is… 1 teraflop means a computer can process 1 trillion calculations a second.

The Series X has 12 teraflops of processing power. That’s a lot. The Series S has 4 teraflops.

The Series X can play games in true 4k resolution. That’s good. The Series S can only get up to 1440p, which is respectable, but we’ve got a 4k TV.

You get a blu-ray dvd drive with your X. You don’t with the S - as a result… all your gaming has to be disc-free. Which is strange because as I said before, it only comes with half a terabyte of storage.

The Series S is also half the size of the Series X… but no one is buying the next generation of consoles based on how big the box is.

At the end of the day… it doesn’t matter how much power there is, but how it’s used. And with so few new games on the market… a lot of the systems’ potential remains to be seen.

An Xbox controller

08:16 - Developing Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition

Hear from the team behind Devil May Cry 5, how did they optimise the game for the next generation?

Developing Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition
Matt Walker, Capcom Japan

Devil May Cry 5 was released last year, but now there is a Special Edition that’s been enhanced for the Xbox Series X and Series S.

Chris Berrow caught up with the team in Japan to ask them a few questions about the new release… here’s Matt Walker from Capcom Japan


Thanks to Matt Walker from Capcom Japan, and Devil May Cry 5 Special edition is available is available now on next generation consoles for £35. And PS4 and Xbox One as well for the same price.

Xbox controller

11:14 - Developer Interview: Echo Generation

Hear from the team behind Echo Generation, which is game being developed for the next generation Xbox.

Developer Interview: Echo Generation
Vanessa Chia & Martin Gauvreau, Cococumber

Not many new and optimised games are available yet… but one of the few… being developed for the next generation is... Echo Generation


Echo Generation looks a bit like Animal Crossings in its art style, but there’s definitely a more Lego-y edge to the characters.

The company describes it as “a turn-based adventure game about a gang of kids investigating supernatural events while battling monsters and mechs to save their hometown.”

Chris Berrow spoke to Vanessa Chia and Martin Gauvreau, co-founders of Coco-cumber.


Echo Generation is being developed right now… and set for release next year!

Plus they’ve just launched that demo... which you can play now… and the soundtrack is available as well! 



A Funko pop

16:12 - Review: Gears POP!

The collaboration that no one asked for between Gears of War and Funko pop!

Review: Gears POP!
Alex Rhodes, Naked Gaming Podcast

Alex (box) Rhodes was tasked with reviewing an Xbox game on a non-Xbox platform. He came up with the goods.


Xbox controller

18:57 - Developer Interview: CrossCode

Hear from the team behind CrossCode, how did they port the game to the next generation Xbox?

Developer Interview: CrossCode
Michael Hoss & Robert Konrad from Deck 13

Our next guests on the podcast are the team behind CrossCode... they’ve been supporting the game for quite some time.

Here’s a burst of the trailer


It’s a 2D action role-playing video game… like one of my favourites... Golden Sun…  set in the distant future, combining 16-bit graphics with a fast-paced combat system and puzzle mechanics.

CrossCode was first released two years ago… after a previous 3 years in early access...  it has been gradually released across all platforms… and now it has arrived on the next generation Xbox as one of the launch titles!

Chris Berrow caught up with… Michael Hoss - the Product Manager at Deck 13... and programmer Robert Konrad, - what has the journey to the next generation been like?


CrossCode is available now for aroudn £12 on all platforms

Ubisoft building

Review: Immortals: Fenyx Rising
Chris Berrow, Naked Gaming Podcast

Chris Berrow reviews Immortals: Fenyx Rising, which has just been released on next generation consoles.


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