Naked Neuroscience: A spine-tingling interactive podcast exploring the brain and nervous system...

20 November 2018

We put memory under the microscope...

20 October 2018

What happens in the brain when we're scared?

20 March 2015

Could a brain scan shape a prison sentence, or determine who will re-offend?

20 February 2015

Botox injections, keeping brain tissue alive, and science power shifting to the East...

20 January 2015

From rags to riches: how fruit seller, inspired by the NHS, built a hospital in India

20 December 2014

Trotting the globe to open our minds featuring brain interviews from across the world.

19 November 2014

Putting the brain on trial: did your brain make you do it? Plus the dark side to research.

18 November 2014

Meet Brian, the robot programmed to help look after the elderly.

17 November 2014

Millions invested in brain research: how will results shape future societies?

20 October 2014

Could early life stress be beneficial? Plus turning the youth justice system on its head.

19 September 2014

Cannabis re-wires the brain, blood test for depression, and dieting on the mind...

20 August 2014

Memory boosting drugs, the military, the legal system and enhancing athletes mental focus.

06 August 2014

The things we can all remember to do today to protect ourselves from Alzheimer's Disease.

08 July 2014

How fruit flies help us understand how to get our sleep bank account in credit.

06 July 2014

Would you kill a person to save five others? Does religion evade morality by omission?

20 June 2014

Beat anxiety, form healthy habits and induce a happy state of mind, we open our minds!

20 May 2014

Do environmental pollutants play a role? Is it simply extreme male behaviours? And can we diagnose babies before they...

20 April 2014

How are memories formed and lost? Is Alzheimer's just an extreme version of normal ageing? And to what extent does...

20 March 2014

Why are psychiatric illnesses, like anxiety and depression, on the increase? Could disorders like ADHD provide...

20 February 2014

Reporting from New Zealand on a bank of frozen human brains, a Hindu resolves religious and scientific beliefs and...

20 January 2014

New Zealand adventures with sheep, finding the Huntington's gene, developing new therapies for the brain and...

20 December 2013

Touring the brain by visiting the laughter clinic, sauna and psychadelic goats, plus news nuggets from Prof Nutt!

20 November 2013

Neurochemical warfare, how serving in Afghanistan can leave mental scars plus brainwashing to tweak belief systems.

20 October 2013

A special edition Question and Answer show: how do prosthetic limbs work? Can you train your brain? And is a brain...