America's Choice of President

Reflecting on the contested aftermath of the American Presidential election and Trump's legacy...
10 December 2020
Presented by David Perry
Production by Tara Zammit, Claire Curran.


Stars and Stripes - US Flag


Donald Trump has tweeted his Tweets and America has made its choice. Tony Badger and Ruth Lawlor join David Perry to discuss the contested aftermath of the Presidential election and the Trump legacy...


I am really disappointed by this blatant biased hit piece! Filled with lies while you attack conservatives for lying - classic projection!
If you only produce a one-sided biased view with no dissenting voice you are just pushing disgusting propaganda.
By the way, regarding your lies about Sen. Joseph McCarthy, every word he uttered was true! Read the closely researched and cross-referenced books by the journalist Diana West: American Betrayal and The Red Thread, but I suspect you know the truth but don't care!
The panel is clearly leftist socialist inclined, caring nothing about truth or balance. Truly shameful! I stopped listening as there is no value in this garbage!

Thank you for your response and for taking the trouble to write.  We'll share your remarks with the Naked Reflections podcast team.

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